Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Names

Had to share this since "The Hunger Games" comes out this weekend!
Can't wait to see it with my girlfriends (for some reason I can't talk T into seeing it!)
Check out this link!  Too funny!


Oreganno Rambledeen
District 2 Tribute

PS.  Dying to see all of Effie's crazy outfits!


Fit With Flash said...

OMG i can't wait to go see the movie!!! : )

Miss V said...

bahahahahahaha Lydia Hodgepodge was my name!! And... I was killed in the neck by an arrow..awesome. Ha!! Too funny! If you lived in SF I would totally invite you to come with my girlfriends and I on Tuesday!! xo Happy weekend lady.

Molly said...

I just finished the book and can't wait to see it! I agree that Effie's outfits and hair should be outrageous!

Ashley said...

did you see it?! you will love it! her outfits are amazing!!

happy monday chica! :)

Sara Louise said...

Hi Oreganno! My name is Patchouli Hogsbriar :)

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