Monday, June 27, 2011


So, you see that cover of this month's Veranda magazine?!?
Well, that home is located right here in teeny tiny Americus, GA!

Maybe I'm biased because I live here now, but I think this place is simply perfection.
I want this guy to design my new house.
Soooooo bad...

His foyer is amazing.
T used to sell pine straw to this guy in high school.
I wonder if he can introduce me?  

You don't see too many marble statues in Americus

Look at those painted floors!
I'm dying, right now!

And this living room?
Again, love!
The gray walls, the antiques, the use of blue and white!

The funny part is the owner/designer of this house is 90 years old!
Apparently, true style never ages!
This place is so fresh to me!

This guy lives right behind T's parents -
And he owns a bunch of peacocks, who roam the neighborhood - Btw, did you know peacocks sound like cats?  We are housesitting for my in-laws this week and I kept hearing these cats meowing.  No, they are peacocks.  Weird, but true.

This should have been my senior quote...

And here is the house!

Would you not love for this to be your driveway?
I now have a new inspiration file - 
Dream Driveways

If you get a chance, check out the article in Veranda!
Hope you peacocks had a wonderful Monday!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a GOOD day

So, you know its been a good day

when you buy a pair of shoes that are named after you...

(sidenote 1:  these shoes also reminded me of my super chic design friend, Kelly, who blogs for Elizabeth Stuart Designs in Charleston, SC - she is seriously talented, fun, and beautiful!  Check out their blog @  ESD!)

(sidenote 2:  yeah, I had a photoshoot on the dock with my new shoes - I'm cool, I know)

....and you are a new owner of a Micheal Kors clutch that was on sale... 
(which I sorely needed)

....and you have a new book to read....
(And yes, I caved, and bought my first book of 2011 - I've heard it was worth it!) 

and its a good day when have a homemade chicken pot pie in the oven, that you didn't have to make(!)...


....and a nice glass of wine waiting for you...

...and this view....

Yay, for good days!
Hope you had one, too!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

To My Daddy

I may look just like my mother,
but I act just like my father (some would consider this a good or bad thing - can you say, hardheaded?)

That being said, I think he is wonderful!
He is a great person, friend, and confidant

We have spent hours and hours together at the barn or on roadtrips
I can still remember falling asleep in his lap on the long rides

I've never seen someone so good with animals 
He loves them, and they love him back
Our dog, Maddie, follows him everywhere

And he is a hardworker
Whether he is in an office or out on the farm

Plus, he is an awesome family man
When we get together we laugh and laugh, which to me, is the best thing in the world

I'm so lucky to have him as my Dad, and I love him dearly!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet the flock

I've been home this week, as in my parent's home
My Mom had a hysterectomy last Friday - We women get to have all the fun, right!?!
So, I came home to help out - wash dishes, clothes, dispense pain meds, and feed the animals.
She is doing much better, and I'm grateful I've been here to help, even if its not much.

So one of the best parts of the day is feeding the ducks.
Remember these little guys?  Well, they have grown

See that white blob?
That is them coming in for breakfast - you would swear they could create a tidal wave, they swim so fast - They are some hungry ducklings!

Some of you may notice that our flock has increased.  Our neighbors decided to donate their two to our brood, and now all 5 are one big happy family!

I can't get over how fast they grow!

And here is my helper...Keeping a watchful eye on his siblings (maybe too watchful)

Headed back inside to eat his own breakfast

Speaking of siblings, my brother has just graduated college and temporarily moved back in with my parents (can you guess what the keyword in that sentence is?).  Anyway, I walked in my parent's dining room today only to find it has been turned into my brother's pantry...

How classy is that orange cone?!?

Sunflower seeds, baked beans, instant grits, fudge stripe cookies
A college man/child's diet...

My poor mother

So, mothers of boys, you've been warned - this could happen to you!
He has a great job, so let's hope he finds a suitable house to rent soon


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nature Ride

Most afternoons these days are spent on the dock
Some nights we have a cold beverage - we are soaking up the outdoors and life on the lake
which is wonderful

Usually, after dinner we hop in the boat and our biggest decision of the day is whether to go up river or down river

We decided up river the other night

Excuse the no makeup look
We live on the lake after all - my foundation these days is sunscreen

Driving up river requires you to stay between the buoys
very Jimmy Buffet

I can't get enough of the view and the water and the sunsets 

There are really no houses up river...

...except for this little plantation house...
Can you see it through the trees?
It's so beautiful and what a view they have!

Love the moss and trees on the water

If you look close you can see a turtle!
There is wildlife everywhere...which is good and bad (snakes...enough said)
One day I'll tell you all about the time T took me alligator hunting ... at night ... and he made me hold the the 90 degree weather...bugs, more bugs, and bugs...Lets just say I could have divorced....well nevermind

Love that everyone waves

and all the lilypads

and our pink house

Happy Weekend, Everyone
Enjoy a sunset or two!

How chic is she?  That dress is perfection.  I am beyond obsessed.

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