Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strangers + Summer Reading List

That is what my little blog and I have become
And I suppose it's because 
we have been busy
So busy that we've been out of town the last 5 weekends.  Yes.  5. 
I thought summers were supposed to be time to slow down?!?

The good news is that this weekend....
we are home.

So, I'm hoping to catch up with all of you in blogland.  I've missed your posts and reading about your lives!  I hope I haven't missed too much!

For now, I will leave y'all with my summer reading list - please share yours!

Also, I found this link on pinterest and it has some great books, plus a few I've never heard of, sooo
you may be able to find some you'd like to read via this link as well!

So far, here is my list:

Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting 

No, I'm not having a bebe, but I am obsessed with all things French and I do hope to have a bebe at some point and when I do, I want them to be well-behaved and chill, so after learning about this book via Tessa, I had to pick it up.  I read the first 2 chapters last night - I'm hooked.
Has anyone read this yet?  Thoughts?

Murder on Astor Place

This book was mentioned on the link I included above.  The library only had one of Ms. Thompson's book so I read that one first.  It was pretty good, so I broke down and bought this one from amazon.  It's still on my nightstand.

This is the one I managed to snag from the library!  Pretty good.

Murder on Marble Row


Fun book.  Very Hunger Games-esque, which of course I loved.  This is a great poolside or beachside read.  


The second in the series.  Had to break down and buy this one, too. 

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

A light read that is based in my old town, Savannah.
Sort of reminded me of The Help.  I really enjoyed this one.

Speaking of Savannah, if you haven't gotten a good cookbook lately you must


get this one.

Back in the Day Bakery is a from scratch local bakery located in Savannah.  When I lived there I probably ate at this place at least once a week!  These people are true talents and they obviously love what they do.  They make the best cupcakes you've ever put in your mouth.  Total worth the 20 or so bucks to find out how they make those scrumptious delicacies! 

Well, that is all for now.
Please share with me what y'all are reading!

Can't wait to catch up with everyone this weekend!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Slow down

This weekend we did practically nothing
and it was wonderful.

I feel like we've been on the go so much lately that it was nice to enjoy some low key time with each other.  

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous here, so we decided to head out to the "farm" and do a little shooting.
You know you're in South Georgia when....

I didn't shoot much, so this was my perch

T setting up the target

We forgot ear plugs, so we had to manage with some McDonald's napkins stuffed in our ears - even though we looked pretty dumb it worked pretty well :)

T shooting his shotgun

and me shooting
I was such a chicken about the whole thing, but it was fun!   

Once we got finished we decided to ride around the farm and check things out.  It was such a pretty day, but it is already hot here.  It was nice to get a breeze going after sitting outside for awhile.

Something about dirt roads...makes me want to belt out a Dixie Chicks song or something

Even dirt roads have stop signs...who knew?

Once we got home I decided to make some Quacamole (my fav) with my favorite mix - the seasoning makes the quac extra special! I've been told mine is the best!  And believe me, I don't make "the best" anything!
You can find it at Wal-Mart for like a dollar - its worth every penny.  Just add a tomato, some lime juice and avocado - perfection!

Can you believe that T doesn't like quac?
He says its too "slimy"
so more for me... :)

I also threw on a little Jimmy Buffet while getting dinner ready
Such a classic.   It just puts you in such a relaxed mood

For dinner we grilled out hamburgers (something we don't do enough of)

Birdie had to check out what was going on - don't worry she didn't get on the table, she has manners

The finished product.
Of course, I forgot hamburger buns so we improvised with hot dog buns.
Although it was a little cumbersome, it worked fine!

Dinner is served

(you can see in the background our backyard looks like a mud pit, well it is...for now!  We T will be laying some sod...very, very soon)

happy husband 

and here was our evening entertainment
Birdie on the roof
I've never seen a cat love to play on the roof like her!  I guess it her own personal playground!

Hope y'all had a great weekend - isn't nice to slow down every once in awhile!?

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hey guys!
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

T and I headed to the beach with my parents for a little break and enjoyed every minute of our mini-vacation!  We had a great time in Hilton Head - is it just me or is this place super relaxing?

It was perfect weather - not too hot, but not too cold
excellent morning walk weather!

There were dozens of these jellyfish on the beach, which we managed to avoid - I wasn't sure if a dead jellyfish could still sting, and I didn't want to find out.  Ugh.  I hate those things.

I also realized while putting on my bathing suit I may have a slight problem...called hips

I wear small top...

and a large bottom...

oh well...

I decided to wash away my sorrows with a daily afternoon cocktail at the pool bar - at $10 a pop I didnt get to indulge too much!  


For dinner one night we headed to Boathouse restaurant, which I would highly recommended!  We had to wait an hour, but the scenery was beautiful so we didn't mind too much.  I even managed to shoot a few pictures with my "good camera"...

Dad and T checking out the boats

Such a pretty afternoon on the water - I wish we could have taken that boat for a spin!  Reminds me of living in Savannah!


See I told you it was peaceful there!

My squinty parents!
I was so glad they let us tag along on there vaca

Dad studying the menu!
It was a tough decision obviously

These people were sitting next to us - and of course being a Bulldawg fan I had to snap a picture of their precious dog.  I emailed them these pics because it was just too cute.  Those dogs just have a personality of their own - I love it!

Watching the pup play

T and I managed to take one picture together!

All and all it was a relaxing time and we were so thankful for a little break from reality!
Hope your Easter was wonderful as well!


So excited for Bubba Watson!  The former Bulldawg who just won the Masters!  His wife played basketball at UGA and according to my parents, who are big supporters of that program, she is super sweet.  She and Bubba just adopted a baby boy, too!  What a wonderful Easter for that family!
Go Dawgs and Bubba!

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