Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, I've been 27 for one month...
and I'm just now sharing the pictures of my cute birthday cake from T

I have to give it to T on this one
He did a great job surprising me with my birthday cake

I thought it was really cute
That cake looks like a fire hazard!
A sign of old age!

I had just gotten home from work and walked in to find T lighting all the candles on my cake
He had a few burns on his fingertips
Apparently lighting 27 candles is dangerous work

He just went through a few matches

Blowing out 27 candles is hard work

My cake had my monogram and cow spots on it 
I grew up on a cattle farm, so that where that idea came from
I don't want anyone to think he was saying ... "your going to be a cow if you eat all of this!"  
which i did, of course!  it was deeelish!

The aftermath!

We celebrated with a slice of cake, glass of wine, and a boat ride around the lake
It was a wonderful birthday with a wonderful husband!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy, Fall Day

Happy Fall!
T and I headed to my parent's house this weekend

We are having a laid-back weekend
I didn't want to peel back the covers this morning

much like this little guy...

but after I did... 
Mom and I headed to town to do some antiquing
There is a new florist/garden store in town
It's amazing

Just look at the box of succulents!

and this gorgeous planter

the bees were all over it!

and what's a fall day without pumpkins...

and gourds..

and more pumpkins!

Fall is here!
Hooray for pumpkins, football, cooler weather, and lazy weekends!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving on...

So pretty soon
this won't be my morning view 

I guess it's appropriate that as summer ends, our time living at the lake is ending, as well
I guess subconsciously we might have waited this long to buy a house because we knew that the sooner we bought the sooner we'd have to say goodbye to views like this

So in two short weeks we will bid adieu to our little pink house

Good thing its only 20 minutes away from our new place
We've have loved our afternoon walks and boatrides
Living on the lake is really peaceful and beautiful - we've made lots of fun memories in just

I can't wait to reveal our new place 
I'm waiting to share it with y'all till it's officially ours

It's cute
It has lots of closet space 
more than one bathroom
Y'all have no idea how excited I am about this!

So, I'm a happy girl

In the meantime, I'm busy picking new carpet for the bedrooms
I brought home about 8 samples the other day, and T response was

"We don't need all these samples!  They all look the same!!!"

At least I know now my husband has a very detailed eye and he will probably be happy with whatever I pick out

I went shopping this past weekend for a new kitchen table, but all I came home with were these 

antique planters

which were a steal
i looooove them

and this witchy woman

Very excited about our new move
and my new closet

Hope everyone has a great day!
Happy Thursday, Loves!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Day at the Lake

Hi friends!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We had some much-needed/much-welcome cool weather!
Yes, cool in South Georgia!
Hooray for FALL!   My favorite season!

I digress


T and I visited his sister and her family a few weekends ago in Murfreesboro, TN
After a lovely Friday night in downtown Murfreesboro (their downtown is too cute), we packed up and headed to Center Hill Lake about an hour away.

Let me tell you, this lake is BEAUTIFUL
I love Lake Blackshear (which has been our home for the past 5 months)
lets just say its a little muddy!
Center Hill Lake is not!
It's practically crystal clear!
You can see your toes when you jump in! 

and its surrounded by mountains, which make it even more gorgeous!

The crew headed to the boat

The boys couldn't wait to get on the tube
where they stayed all day!

The neat thing about this place is that there are very few docks on the water
I think I saw maybe 5 or 6 docks the whole day
I thought that it would be a pain to have to drive down to the lake to get on the boat, but it actually makes the lake so much more serene and natural looking not to be crowded with docks

You know what is not beautiful?
That Auburn shirt :)
(T was in quite the mood this weekend after AU's loss to Clemson - (Luckily, I went shopping Saturday, so I missed his meltdown)

The lake also has several waterfalls, which are gorg!
Look at the blue water!

Boys still on the tube

This is the most beautiful place on the lake
It looks almost too perfect to be real

How beautiful is that rock
You know a place is awesome when you comment on how pretty the rocks are!

Show off

Also a good place to dive
I was scared to death, but I did jump

Our captain for the day


After seeing Alan Jackson's lake house (which is amazing), T did a bit of skiing

and I did some tubing..

You know you're old when the first thing you do when you get off a tube is ask for an Advil...

Fun times!
Anyway, hope everyone had a fab weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sea Island

 T and I took a much need vaca to Sea Island recently
We went with friends, but it was a great place to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary

Love the drive in
You immediately go in to vaca mode

As we kicked backed and sipped our cocktails, we watched their cute pup play
Can you tell she likes water?
and fetching?


Time for Round 2


I love watching her jump in
She was having a ball!

The house where we stayed has been in our friend's family for years
I love these old Georgia/Florida posters
In college, we always stayed on St. Simon's Island for the UGA/UF game
so many fun memories

The interior of the house is just beautiful
I couldn't help but snap a few photos

Love this guest bedroom

And I'd loooove to have this map

The beautiful living room
What a fantastic space!

And these tabby floors are great
and easy to clean (esp. after sandy, wet feet track through your house)

We enjoyed lots of laughs laying out by the pool Saturday
especially when the men got out the kid's pool toys

Since we were headed to the beach and I have an extreme sweet tooth, I brought some crab and whale cookies along.  I think I ate about 10 of these, which is not good when you're prancing around in a bathing suit all day.  Obviously, I was on vacation!

And, of course, we had lot a gossip mags to read poolside...
A beach necessity

Chick-fil-a lemonade/vodka cocktail, Star magazine, and a good view = amazing 

T had a rough day

That afternoon we headed to the beach club for a pre-dinner drink
The view is beautiful

And the weather was perfect

While T was grabbing our drink, I wandered around
and found this...

I wish this was my house
I can dream

I love this picture of our friends enjoying the day
It was one of the best afternoons

We couldn't have asked for a better trip to Sea Island
If you ever get the chance to visit, I'd highly recommend going
Plus, the Tibi outlet is there, so that worth the trip all by itself - T says I need to be banned from that place!!!

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!
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