Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its almost my bday...

Next Saturday is my bday
and next Sunday is T and I's 1st anniversary!
(Don't worry - he is not allowed to get away with only one gift)

I've decided that for my bday, I would like the following...

No. 1
Georgetown Cupcakes

I'm seriously obsessed with the Cupcake Girls on TLC
(and I lurve their pink wellies)

Their cupcakes look divine
Has anyone actually ever had one of these delicious looking treats?!?

They just look soooooo

*all images via Georgetown Cupcakes

No. 2
I want to see The Help
I don't know if T can handle another chick flick, but I'm going to have to remind him how many Auburn games I've sat through...

Minny and Celia are by far my favorites
I didn't want their story to end!!!

No. 3
A new briefcase for my new job!

Nothing says old like getting a briefcase for your birthday...
 I guess I better learn to love it....


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm Dreaming of...

Michael Buble's new Christmas album
He is dreamy
This new album sounds even dreamier
He is my favorite person to listen to on Pandora

he has a duet with Shania Twain on this new album
I can't wait for this to come out

Speaking of Christmas, I was doing some *pinning* last night
(Yes, we are crazy wild people - pinning on a Saturday night)
Anyway, I started pinning Christmas things
Obviously, I have a problem, but I couldn't resist...

How could you?
Isn't this Christmas tree fabulous?
We had a fake tree last year, but not. this. year....

 Christmas cocktails

Speaking of perfection
Is this not the perfect holiday outfit?!?

I may get crafty and make this
So cute.

And if I had kids, I would make these
Salt dough ornaments

And I'd def make this
What a perfect Christmas breakfast - T may wake up to snowman pancakes Christmas mornings!
I can only imagine his face if I served him this...

Monday, August 8, 2011

River Rat: Part 1 - Lake Blackshear!

Hi all!
I can't believe summer is almost over
especially because its still 110 degrees outside!

But I know fall will be here soon, so we have been soaking up time on the lake
My brother came to visit a few weekends ago and we spent the weekend cruising the muddy waters of Lake Blackshear.  Then, last week, we headed to Center Hill Lake in Tennessee to visit T's sister.  So we are officially river rats.  Somehow, even with all this time on the lake, I'm pale?  Maybe I should have chilled on  the 100 sunscreen?!?

Anyway, so here are some pics from our weekend with my brother!

My fav spot...

T scoping out the lake scene at 10 AM 

It was gorgeous day!

The are my sort of sad zinnias - I wish I had a green thumb

It did manage to produce a few beautiful flowers

Rallying the troops - time to get on the boat

Our little house
We are house hunting this weekend, so we might be moving out of the pink house soon
Maybe our next house will be pink too - who knows?!?

Can you believe those chairs are from Winn-Dixie?
You never know what you'll find at the grocery store

We ate lunch at a place called Booger Bottom - yes, I ate there
Despite the name, they have an amazing cheeseburger 

After lunch we headed to the marina
The worst part of the day...

because of this...

Being a river rat is not cheap

We headed to the sandbar after getting gas
This was the best part of the day

My lovely tire float...
So classy...

Brother getting a tan
We are definitely related
We tan realllly easily
then we lose it realllly fast

Who wants a house boat?!?
We could have a killer blog party on this thing!
I wonder if its seaworthy? 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
I'll be back with pics from our visit to Center Hill Lake soon!

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