Monday, February 28, 2011

Hometown Advantage

I ventured back home again this weekend...
I left T in Savannah to play bachelor!
The weather was fantastic and I kept seeing little signs of spring everywhere

I'm going to brag a little bit about my awesome hometown...

Madison, GA.

Most of you aren't from Georgia, so let me give you a little history on my hometown.
Madison is one of the few towns General Sherman did not burn during the Civil War.  There are reports that Madison was too beautiful to burn, but I've also heard he had a friend who lived in Madison.
Madison has rows and rows of historic antebellum homes that are beautiful!
Here are a few:

How awesome is this picket fence?

This home is currently for sale
It is a huge home on a huge lot!
The best part is both there is no real "back" to the home...
It faces two streets
Here is the "back"

And here is the "front"
See what I mean?

This home is currently being restored
If I were a gahzillionaire, I'd buy one 
restore it
and buy the most fantastic antiques to put inside...

Here is another one...
Don't you love a picket fence?

This house was recently remodeled -
they gutted it down to the studs
They did a GREAT job!

Here is a home in serious need of a renovation...
It has great potential

This is the cultural center in town
It used to be a school
My grandmother actually went to grammar school here

Here is some of the historical placards in front of the building

The cultural center was hosting an antiques show this weekend
My gosh there were some GORGEOUS things
Sadly, they were WAY out of my price range, so I just did a lot of looking
and wishing
and hoping

I mean, just look at the rug selection
I die...

This home was having an estate sale and I picked up a few items
Good thing I got there late 
I didn't spend too much...

Since I got there late, everything was an additional 20 % off, so I bought...
these puppies

Aren't they cute?
They're hanging out on our mantle till I decide exactly where I want them to go...

Also, making the journey back home with me was
My Mom bought it for me for Valentine's Day!
What a GREAT Mother
and wonderful gift!

T asked me what in the world it was after I brought it in and I informed him it was a garden stool...
His reply...
"We don't have a garden!?"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They say it's (not) my birthday...

T has a big birthday next week...
the big
I asked him what he wants and he said NOTHING...
Seriously, who doesn't want something for their bday?!?

So of course, I started thinking about what I would want if it were my birthday...
This is my teeny tiny (wish) list...
emphasis on wish!!!

1.  Herve Leger Dress
yes, please!
This one, too!!!

3.  This Jimmy Choo shoes I think would go well with my new dresses...

4.  Random Steak Knives 
aren't they fun though
I think our current steak knives from 1980...

5.  Fran's Chocolates/Salted Caramels
Ina Garten featured these on her show, Barefoot Contessa, awhile back.
My mouth has been drooling ever since...

6.  This Roberto Roller Rabbit beach cover-up
I have the purple one that I live in during the summer, but I think the pink one would be a nice addition

7.  The complete Harry Potter book set
I have never read a Harry Potter book, but I loooove the movies, so naturally, I need this...
If there was ever in doubt that I'm a loser, now there is not..

So, that's my teeny tiny little bday list...
Poor T
What's on yall's bday list?  I may need to add to mine

PS.  This guy walked by T's office today...
Has anyone ever seen/heard of him?
World Guy?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's still wedding season...'s still wedding season at our house...

We just got our wedding album...
and I love it!

Here are some of the pictures inside

The only problem is we have no where to display our album in this house...
plus, it's white so I'm scared it will get dusty and dirty 
What to do?  What to do?
Tell me, do you have your album displayed or is it tucked away in your storage closet?

Today, the lovely UPS man brought me my wedding dress today...
I shipped it all they way up to NYC to be cleaned and preserved by the J. Sheer & Co.
They've been on the Martha Stewart Show 
fancy, fancy
My wedding dress was FILTHY!
I mean, it was a hard night of partying!!!

T asked me what in the world I was going to do with my dress now that we've spent a small fortune to have it cleaned...I said it would probably just sit in the box for the next 30 years...

They send you white gloves to wear when you take it out...
I told you it was fancy :)


They did such a good job cleaning the sash
By the end of the night, it was black at the ends

The veil was in pretty good condition because I took it off before I hit the dance floor

The wedding dress was black on the bottom
A lady from the cleaners called me and said, 
"We've tried to repair the bottom of the gown as much as possible, but it was in pretty bad shape"
That is the sign of a good party, I'd say

So, I guess, its now safe to say that wedding season is now over in our house..
I think T is relieved because he said
"Please tell me this is the last wedding thing I have to pay for?!?"
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