Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter!
The Easter bunny brought my Mom some Easter ducks!

they are the cutest things I have ever seen!
Ever, Ever

They are Pekin ducks, like the Aflac duck, and will eventually turn white
Mom has been wanting some ducks for awhile now
We have a pond behind our house that will be their new home once they get a bit older

They love to stick together
And they will follow you around like you are their Mama Duck

The only problem is this little guy...

He seems a little too interested in his new siblings!
Don't worry though, they are being kept at a safe distance!
Come here my pretties!

After church, we decided to all pose for our Easter picture
How many people does it take to pose a dog?

Eventually, we got it right!
Isn't she a happy puppy?

Then it was time to eat
rather to stuff ourselves!
T ate till he was sick

After lunch the ducks went for a quick dip in the hot tub!

They love to stand on the ledge and then hop back into the pool

After a wonderful Easter visit with my parents and brother (who just got a job and is graduating next weekend - yay!), we headed back to the lake

T has some left over worms and decided to throw a line in

Hope everyone had a great Easter!
It has truly been a special one for us!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Imaginary Easter

In my Easter basket 
(which I'd like to be monogrammed and pottery barn - yes, just like a 5 year old)


I would like ...

a german shepherd puppy

 I'll settle for a couple of these

What do you want in your Easter basket?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lake Sweet Lake

to the lake

and we are loving it so far!

We finally got internet today - and I'm so happy!
I've been having withdrawals - its not been pretty!

This was our first morning here
I woke up early, unusual for me
 because I love sleep
right, Mother?!?


We had coffee on the dock
and we even had our first visitors!

People really love to fish down here!

These were my bedroom slippers...
all I could find at the moment
I'm sure the fishermen were impressed..

That night we went to dinner at the lake
so good

Poor self-timer cut T's head off

and that night, we had an amazing view

T had been hunting earlier in the day
Can you see him?!?
He is literally in hog heaven


I am so glad to be back in blogland
I'm slowly catching up on all your posts - its amazing how much you miss in 5 days!

Much Love!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hoooneymoon: Part Trois

So, tomorrow night will be lake residents
I keep saying it, but we are so excited
Tomorrow night we are going to an Easter play that features T's best friend, who will be playing Jesus
These are the type of things that we are excited to move back to, and be able to attend

It may be a little while before we have internet access, so I wanted to tide y'all over with 
Part 3 of our honeymoon - our final day in Paris!

One of the most spectacular things we visited was 
The Louvre 

you could spend daaaayyyyyssss in the Louvre

it was awesome, but just a tad overwhelming 

After all that we needed a cocktail,
so we had one in our hotel bar
I know that bloody marys are supposed to be a brunch drink, but I love them anytime
and I love extra lime juice

Then we went to our last dinner in Paris
it was great

what more could you ask for?

typical honeymoon ring shot

and a late night photo shoot at the fountain outside our hotel

before we knew it, it was time to board our plane to sorrento!

here is a tiny sneak peak of italy

Can't wait to give you an update on our move!!!
Again, thanks for all your sweet comments - I love my blog friends!
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