Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

T and I had the most wonderful of wonderful days.

It was 75 degrees - in January!

One of the perks of living in Savannah.

So, we packed up our bikes and went out to Tybee Island to ride bikes.

 it was awesome

a seriously glorious day

 "Hurry up!!! and quit taking pictures!!!"

 We rode 5 miles...not 2...

 then my legs got tired and we went... for lunch...

 why do these people have to ruin such a good day...
we didn't get a ticket, but so many people did

 Anyway, I had a crab cake sandwich

 and one of these...

makes me want to go to MEXICO!

Hope your day was just as perfect.
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jumpin' on the Bandwagon-What's in MY bag?

I am seriously loving all of the "What's in Your Purse?" blog posts, so I'm jumpin' on the band wagon and showing you mine.  What is the fascination behind this?  Gosh, I'm obsessed!  Maybe we should start "what's in your refrigerator" posts - I'm sure I could scare some people to death with all the junk in ours.  I love it when I see people doing this - so many people have such cute stuff.  Well, mine is not that great, but since I'm stalking yalls, I guess I should share!!!

1.  Classic Speedy LV - I know, I know - Every 14 year old girl at the mall seems to have this bag now, but I still think its a classic.
2.  Michael Kors - I mostly carry around this Michael Kors bag that I got this past fall - its black leather, so it goes with what I'm usually wearing
3.  Fun tissues - never know when these will come in handy!
4.  Car Keys - Yes, I'm a Honda gal.  I told T when we have kids I'll need an upgrade to an SUV, and he informed me that he will never sell my Honda.  He'll probably make our future children drive it - poor things!  I'll admit, they are great cars!  I need a new key chain - I've been eyeing some on etsy that I may purchase soon.
5.  Brush/Mirror compact - these things are awesome.
6.  Hair Assessories - Use these daily, my hair always ends up...up!
7.  Michael Kors wallet - my Christmas present from T - Love it.
8.  Excedrin - a serious must
9.  Cosmetic bag - I've had this forever.  I've been looking for a new bag, but just haven't found one I love yet.
10.  Bath & Body Works White Citrus Lotion  - Love this scent
11.  Bills for a new magazine I ordered - Erg.
12.  Why do I have 3 pairs of sunglasses in my purse?  Seriously?  These are Black Ray-Bans.  My brother gave me these and I love them.  I feel so cool.
13.  Black Chanels - I've had these since college.  They have the big C's on the side, which I used to think were sooo cool.  I rarely wear these, but they are some of the best sunglasses I've ever had because they are huge - they block out all the sun!  Yes, those are croakies - I know, weird, but I'm a prep at heart.
14.  Brown Dior Sunglasses - wear these most in the summer

Make-up Bag Contents

1.  Revlon powder - I have the oilest skin ever so this is a must
2.  Nail File - Lord, I hate scraggly nails, so this is a must as well
3.  Tide Stain Stick - these are AWESOME
4.  Pill Box-I'm such a grandmother
5.  Chapstick - Love
6.  Revlon Lip color - I finally found a color I love.  Pretty pink thats not too overwhelming!
7. Bath & Body Works White Citrus hand sanitizer - no germs here!
8. Fresh mini perfume - This came with the perfume I got for Christmas, so cute and convenient
9.  These are some band-aids I bought in Paris over our honeymoon.  Of course, I couldn't wear comfortable shoes on my honeymoon in Paris.  I needed to look tres chic.  So dumb.  My feet were dying after the first day...

so I went from this...

Tres Chic! 
well... sort of...

not so much...
yeah, those are New Balances that I've had since college...How Lame
and yeah, I have a Long Champ that I use, too - It's a glorified suitcase!  It can hold everything!

Anyway, so thats my bag.  I hope yall will consider sharing yours because I'm so eager to stalk y'all! 

Also, I wanted to show yall my "go-to" outfit.  I was running...suuuriously late the other day and so I just put something on quickly and I thought, "Good grief, you wear this outfit a lot!"  So here it is...

Old Navy plain V-Neck T 


Black cropped skinny jeans from Old Navy
Got these for 13 bucks!  Yes, love a deal!

and I throw on...

a Forever 21 trench coat
This looks way more expensive than it actually is...
Mine is the shorter version...It hits just below the waist


drumroll please...

these flats...
I bought these for 20 bucks at a factory outlet and I've practically lived in them for the past 4 years...
I wish I had bought 3 pair.  It will be a sad day when these need to be retired...

Now, jewelry, in my humble, humble opinion, can make an outfit...

So its a must as well...

Well, that's it from me.  Happy (almost) Friday!
What's your "go-to" outfit and what's in your purse...or frig? :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chic(ken) Kitchens

I've been dreaming of a good ole chicken salad sandwich today.

I love chicken salad so very much, and my addiction started during RUSH week.  All the girls got to eat the left over food after one of the rounds, and someone's mother had made the most delicious chicken salad sandwich I've ever, ever eaten (well that and I was probably ravenous after singing all those stupid chants for 8 hours).

When I lived in Alabama, I always got my chicken salad sandwiches from Zoes.  Zoe's is soooooo good - have yall tried this place yet?  If not, I think they'll be all over soon - Savannah is still in the dark ages, too.  I really think I should open one here!

Since Savannah doesn't have one, I now go to the Fresh Market to get my chicken salad.  They are awesome chicken salad makers as well.  There is actually better than Zoes, but I'm sure its not as healthy.

Ahh, I love shopping here - its so relaxing...I think its the classical music!

I really want to venture out on a limb and try making some of my own, so the hunt is on for a good recipe!

Also, since I'm dreaming - how much of a dream kitchen is this?  I DIE.  Oh, I love everything about it.

And, look at the floor?  Simply perfect!!!  I could make chicken salad in here all day long!  This is definitely going in my "Inspiration" File on my desktop!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Squeezer or a Pleaser?

I have a confession - I've never read the Bible front to back.  Sure, I've known the major Bible stories since I was a little girl and I go to church now, but this is something I've never done.  I've been feeling like God has been slowly nudging me toward reaching this goal.  I say goal because I've wanted to do this for a long time now.

At the beginning of the new year, I went and bought a new Bible.  The Bible is one that's designed to be read in a year.  I don't always understand the Bible, but I know its words are powerful.  I'm going to try and join a Bible Study here because I think it would be extremely helpful in my journey.  Just wondering, are any of you in Bible Study groups?

I also bought a daily devotional book.  I sat down to read it awhile back and one of the first devotions I read was entitled "Spending Time With God Every Day" and this is what it said:

When it comes to spending time with God, are you a "squeezer" or a "pleaser"?  Are you a person who squeezes God into you busy schedule with an occasional prayer before meals?  Or do you please God by talking to Him far more often than that?  If you're wise, you'll form the habit of spending time with God every day.  When you do, it will change your life.

These words hit me hard.  When I read those words, I thought immediately - you are a squeezer.  So many times I don't talk to the Lord at all or I'll say a quick prayer before bed.  As a child I always felt so close to God.  I think because I talked to Him often and relied on Him - and I felt his connection.  When my 3 grandparents were dying of cancer during my first years of college and law school, He comforted me.  He comforted me in ways that were so obvious, I could never deny that He loves me and watches over me.  He is there when I've needed Him, but I've taken advantage of His love.  

I write this entry as more of a reminder to myself to reconnect with my Lord and Savior.  As I get older, I realize I'm so lucky to have his forgiveness and love - and I need it more now than ever.

On this...

Cold and wet and rainy day, I'd rather be here...

 or here...
 even here...

Can you tell where my mind is?  Happy Blah Tuesday!  Blah Humbug!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel...Part 3: Getting Ready!

Alright lovelies, here is the 3rd part of of our getting married blog posts (are you tired of me yet?).  These are pictures of T and I getting ready to walk down the aisle - these are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding.  Mostly I think because I don't remember much about getting ready.  I just remember being anxious!  

I might have been nervous, but I didn't go hungry - Look at this beautiful spread!  One of my dear friend's mothers made every bit of this delicious food.  We also had mimosas, so that helped calm my pre-wedding jitters.

My grandmother watching all the madness.

Finally, it was time to put on the dress!

My seriously gorgeous mother!
I'd say, I clean up nicely!  Ha!
My flowers were (in my humble opinion) so beautiful - Our florist/caterer, Leon, was too fabulous.  Can you imagine making food for 400 people and all the flowers, without breaking a sweat?  I mean, he is the definition of awesome!
I bought my dress at the Gown Boutique in Charleston - I knew exactly what I wanted and only tried on 3 dresses!  I knew I wanted lace and an open back, so this was an easy decision!  Plus, I've watched way too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress!

How beautiful are my bridesmaids?  Almost all of them were blond!  

Lots of laughter - it was a great day!
Over on the other side of town, T was getting ready too!  T is a BIG hunter (I mean, have you seen all the deer in our house?!?), so for his wedding gift, I bought him a new shotgun.  The photographer caught the look on his face when his best friend brought it out - he looks like like..."what in the world?"

Can you tell we are in the South?  Everyone had to take a look!
Time for pictures...
Everyone on The Miss Anne - hunting buggy named after the owner's wife.  Start move on his part!

One of my favorites of the guys!
Almost time!
Back at our house, we were still waiting!
and waiting...
and waiting some more - I felt like we waited FOREVER!  It's funny to think about it now because I feel like it went by so fast, but looking at these pictures reminded me how long I felt like the day dragged on...

Alright, finally, time to head to the church!
At the church, everyone was getting ready and putting on the final touches..

I love this picture of my parents!

Then it was showtime!  

Well, that's all for now - I told y'all I had a lot of pictures! 
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