Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The leaves are not only changing, but FALLING
T is having a hard time keeping up

After all, our yard in Savannah was a tad smaller

There are leaves everywhere and I love it
maybe because I don't have to rake them!

Summer used to be my favorite time of year (for obvious reason)
but I'm now officially a Fall fan
It's cooler...
No gnats...
(a South Georgia problem!)
The smells are wonderful
We get to have fires 
(on some nights)

This is my new favorite scent
Hearth by Trapp

More leaves in the backyard

And some exciting news to share!
We adopted a cat!
Our first child!!!

Meet Birdie

she is precious and sweet and well-behaved and she is already potty trained!

Here she is enjoying the leaves in the backyard
We are slowly introducing her to the outdoors, so right now she is a house cat.
She loves to snuggle, so her mother is perfectly fine with her being indoors for now!

We love our new child.

In other news, I've become obsessed with Top Chef Texas

I've never watched Top Chef before, but I'm loving it!
Is anyone else watching?

That is all for now!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alice and Jay

Can I just tell y'all how behind I am in my blogging?
This post is sooo overdue!

But, I'm slowly catching up, so bare with me :)

A few weeks ago, I was tired of being cooped up in the lake house, so I decided to venture to Sasser.   Sasser is a small town near the lake - I heard they some cute antique shops there, so of course I had to go.

And they did!

 the most awesome store ever! 

Alice & Jay

They have lots of hard workers there
case in point, these two sweet kittens

How amazing are these ferns???

Before I even walked in the store, I knew this place had serious potential!

I toured around and thought I had to feature this lovely store on my blog 
because they have a blog, too!

I photographed the store before Halloween
I told y'all, I have been a bad blogger!

Even though it's past Halloween, I had still have to share!  They are just tooo cute.

I mean, who doesn't love witch fingers in silver platters!?!

They have a great collection of antique furniture that they've either painted or refinished
And I love the cute Halloween signs!

Look at these cute witchy women they make!
Too funny!!!


Loved these tables, but they were sold :(

Just look at this bedding!  
I die.

Cute desk painted with Chalk Paint, which they carry
I've heard this stuff is fantastic!  Can't wait till I have a project, so I can try it out on!

How fun are these signs!?!

They also make lamps!
yes, they make lamps!
Love these guys!

I sooo regret not getting this red chest!
I loooove it!

How fun is this centerpiece?  Love the use of brooms for Halloween!
Such a good idea for a party!
Just toooo cute!

Seriously, it just kept getting cuter!

Should have gotten this, too!

They have recently expanded their building
I am dying over this exposed brick wall!
Love, Love

Just look at those lamps!

The decorations were just so fun
It put me in the perfect spooky spirit

Spider Rings

Alice & Jay is such a fun shop - I chatted with one of the owners, Jay, for awhile and he is just as amazing and wonderful as his shop!  Plus, he is super sweet and awesome!
If you are ever in Sasser, GA, you must stop by!
If you won't be in South Georgia anytime soon, keep up with them via their blog

or their website

You will probably find me there this weekend!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Thanks for letting share this sweet shop!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My "potting bench"

Hello Friends!

So this is our brand new storage shed!
Isn't it cute - In Savannah, we had a tacky plastic shed that we kept our lawn mower in...we are moving up in the world, folks!

I've also decided that when T gets in trouble this is where he can live.
I digress...

So when we moved in the side part looked like this.  The previous owners left us lots of firewood, some other random wood, concrete blocks, and peat moss...

Very thoughtful

and they left us lots of discarded clay pots!

I saw these and probably was more excited about these little treasures than actually buying the house...
I know, strange, but I love a good "find" especially when its in my own backyard!

I pulled pots out of the ground (they must have been there awhile) being very careful while doing so.  I not a big fan of snakes or spiders and you just know they think a turned over clay pot is ideal housing!

I collected them all and then gave them a quick rinse

and there you have it
my very own
potting bench
of sorts!

And I've been busy potting
Luckily, I have a hard time killing these!

My plants so far!

Alright, hope everyone had a great Monday!
I'm off to torture my husband
watch Real Housewives of Bev Hills!!!

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