Monday, October 31, 2011

Ultimate Bad Blogger

So I have been totally MIA
but I do have a good excuse
We finally moved into our new house!!!

Isn't she beautiful?!?
We love it here!

My favorite part is the yard
oh and my sweet walk-in closet
(that I have all to myself - Woohooo!!!)

(I promise to show pics soon, lots of before and afters)

We  I have been super busy
but I will say, T has been busy in the yard!

I walked out the other day and he was literally in a tree

Good grief

but as you can see, he was happy as a lark!
It made my heart happy!

We have been loving fall, too
and decorating our new place for Halloween
The other night we got Boo'd

Do y'all play this game in your neighborhood?
If not, you should!  It's such a fun way for adults to get involved in Halloween!
Somebody got us so good 
People banging on my door at 11 pm tend to freak me out, but they did...

leave us...
 some sweet treats!

Cute, right?!?

Oh, I love Halloween!

Tonight we had tons of trick-or-treaters!
A lady at the courthouse told me today - "are you ready for tonight?  you're going to have lots of trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood!"

I thought, yeah I've got plenty

Um not so much, I should have doubled that!
I was out of candy within the first hour or so!

I think the kids were attracted to my gigantic pumpkin?
Yeah, I live in the burbs and I have a giant blow up pumpkin
all I need now is a minivan and 3 kids

 I sort of love it though!

Hope you are all doing great!  I'm so ready to catch up on all I've missed this past month!
Happppy Halloweeeeen!!!

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