Monday, December 15, 2014

Tripp's Birth Story

So, its been a long time.  I probably have maybe one reader (hi! mom) of this little blog left, but I've missed blogland so I'm back.  Since I last posted, I HAD A BABY!  Little Tripp.  He is named after his Daddy, who is a Jr., so his nickname is Tripp for numero 3.  Since I didn't do a great job of documenting my pregnancy I thought I'd start with Tripp's birth story.

I just love birth stories.  To me they are so magical.  I usually don't read one without tearing up.  Before I forget too many details, I wanted to jot Tripp's down so I will have it forever, so here goes….

Tripp was a breech baby from the beginning.  We kept holding out hope that maybe he would turn, but he ultimately stayed put.  But first, let me back up….I didn't love being pregnant.  In the beginning I was sick, the 2nd tri was ok, but by the end I was done.  I was swollen, I gained too much weight, and he was breech.  And when I say I was swollen, I mean I was swoooooollen.  Living in the South in August all while 8 mos pregnant is miz.  Many days it was 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity.  The low point was wearing flips flops to work.  Not the cute flip flops like Jack Rogers.  I was wearing like stretched out Rainbows.  They were literally the only shoe that fit.  We didn't know it at the time but Tripp was a BIG baby.  And he was up so high I could barely breathe.  Talking on the phone would wind me!  I remember talking on the phone with my Mom and barely being able to talk bc I was so out of breath.  So by the time the doctor scheduled the C-Section I was ready.  So ready.  On a side note, we talked about trying to turn him with our doctor, but it just didn't feel right.  One piece of advice I would give expecting moms out there is go with your gut.  You can read everything on the internet and ask 100 different people what they think you should do.   Just try to be as informed as possible, talk with your doctor and partner, but then, go with your gut.
3 weeks to go…one of the few smiley pictures I have at the end :)
Can you guess which one is my side of the bed? By the end, there were no pillows left in the guest room ;)
Ok, now down to the birth.

We went in to the OBGYN's office the day before to talk with the doctor.  Really it was a simple visit and he just answered any questions we had.  I was really ready, so the only questions I had were did I need to bring him (the doctor) breakfast/coffee and should I bring my own water thermos.  (No, to both).  Really we spent more time talking about T bc he has a tendency to get faint when blood is involved.   They told him to eat a good breakfast, and try not to look.  He said he could handle both.  Then the doctor sent us over to the hospital to pre-register and have some blood drawn.  They told us to report back at 6:30 am, and that I was the second C-section scheduled that next morning.  The rest of the day is a blur.  I know I talked to a few friends, parents, packed some last minute items, and said lots of prayers.  I had intentions of cooking something that night, but we just ended up going to Zaxbys.

We woke up around 4 am.  It was sort of like Christmas morning.  Neither one of us could sleep.  I was anxious and still huge so sleeping was not really happening.  We got up, showered, I curled my hair for probably the first time in 6 months, packed the car, and hit the road.  We drove through the driveway at Hardees so T could eat something to eat.  I had an ice chip.  We arrived at the hospital, parked.  We got out of our car, grabbed the bags and then we just stopped mid way in the parking lot and hugged.  I think the gravity of what was about to happen hit us both at the same time.  We hugged, kissed and said I love you and a quick prayer all while standing in the quiet and dark hospital parking lot.  It was such a sweet moment, and one I never want to forget.

After checking in with the administrative office, we headed upstairs.  They took us back to the pre-op room immediately.  There was another lady in the room with us.  I never saw her since we had a sheet separating us.  They had me change into a gown, put a really sexy hairnet on, and then they hooked me up to the monitor.  I was having already having pretty consistent contractions which was funny to see on the screen.  I could sort of tell I was before being hooked up, but it was weird to see it confirmed.  I don't think Tripp would have stayed put for too much longer.  My parents arrived, and I was so glad to see them.  The nurses were really nice and asked me if I had a baby book that I wanted his footprints stamped in.  Of course.  They made small talk with and made me feel really comfortable and excited.  Not really nervous at all.  After about 30 minutes, the doctors came in and took the lady who was in the room with me back to surgery.  That didn't really phase me until I heard her baby cry!  Wow!  That was so weird and for some reason that made what was about to happen so much more real!  I started to get a little nervous.  The anesthesiologist came in and talked with me about the spinal procedure, which was the thing I was most freaked out about.  I really didn't want to throw up (which I had heard could happen), so I tried to make that clear to him.  He was nice and put me at ease that he didn't think that would happen but if it did we would handle it.  Then it was time.  Mom and Dad left.  And Terence left to go get dressed.  It was just me.  The nurse came in and walked me to the OR.  Isn't it weird that you walk in the OR?  It was freezing in there but my hands were still sweaty.  They propped me on the table and stated my spinal.  Ohhhh I was so nervous.  Ugh.  But it went smoothly.  I laid down and waited for T to come in.  I made small talk with the nurses and anesthosigist.  T came in and they got started.

I could not feel anything, but it was really difficult for the doctor to get Tripp out.  He was so much bigger than everyone expected, and my torso is pretty short, plus he had been wedged up so high for so long.  And the cord was also around his neck so they were dealing with a lot of different factors.  I felt lots of pressure and kind of got freaked out in the middle of it bc he was not coming out easily and the table kept shifting back and forth.  The doctor kept saying "C'Mon, Buddy" as he tugged to get him out.  T kept asking if I was ok bc I had my eyes shut the whole time.  I was just praying.  At 9:43 someone yelled OUT, and they took him to the baby station to clean him off.  He was completely silent.  I kept asking if he was ok.  And after what felt like an eternity the nurses said he was fine and he started to cry.  All I could see was his dark hair.  The doctor kept calling him Superman, and still does to this day. They lifted him up and showed him to me.  He was so beautiful and I will never forget seeing that sweet face for the first time.  After nine months, my sweet baby was finally here.

Right after he was born they must have given me a different medicine bc I got really dizzy.  Like I felt like I was going to pass out.  The nurses put some smelling salts (or something) under my nose and that sort of brought me back but they rest of that time in the OR is kind of a blur.  T and Tripp went off for him to get measured.  8 lbs., 11 oz. and 21 inches.  I could hear everyone talking about how big he was but nobody was telling me how much he weighed bc they wanted to T to tell me.  T and Tripp came back in and they sat him on my chest and wheeled us to recovery.  Your baby laying on your chest, no matter how out of it you are, is the sweetest, best feeling.  In recovery, T and I just sat there in amazement.   He was just so precious.

After a short time in recovery they wheeled us up to our room where all of our family was waiting.  Everyone squealed and oohed and aahed as we turned the corner.  All and all, we really had a great birth experience.  I remember looking at T after Tripp was born and just saying, this really is the best day ever.  And it really was.

I'll do a separate post on our time in the hospital since I think it deserves its own post.

Thats all for now folks (or, Mom)….I promise to be back in less than a year.

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