Sunday, July 31, 2011

Must Read

My mother-in-law gave me the book, The Glass Castle, before we left on our trip to TN this weekend
I had no idea what it was about, but I needed something to do since I was going to be stuck in the car for 7 hours

It's a GREAT book!
It's a memoir written by Jeannette Walls - you will laugh, cry and cringe as she talks about her life growing up with her parents and four siblings - it is fascinating! 
If your haven't read it yet, pick up a copy at the library or your local bookstore!

Happy Reading!
PS.  Lots more about our trip to Center Hill Lake in TN later 
PSS. I have officially become a river rat 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So one of the negatives of living at the lake is that this is our closet...yeah, I know
T and I share that little rack - half his/half mine - so, I need to make some room 

So welcome to my first BLOG SALE
Exciting!  Anything that doesn't sell here will go on eBay

If you see anything you like, please email me at

Shipping will be $5 and you may pay via Paypal - All sales final

1.  Milly Blouse - Size 2
This is a super cute top!  Great for a party! - Worn twice
Paid: $300
Asking:  $100 

2. Tibi Jacket - Size 4 (only worn once)
Paid: $150
Asking: $40

3.  Francesca's Collection Skirt - Size Medium
Asking: $20
Very Comfy!  (looks denim, but it's cotton)

4.  Lacoste Ladies Fitted Polo - Light Blue - Size 36
Paid: $55
Asking:  $25 

 5.  Francesca's Collection Strapless Dress - Size Medium
Love the fabric
Paid: $44
Asking: $25


 6.  Old Navy Striped Top
Asking: $5

7.  J.Crew Black Skinny Belt - Size XS
Asking:  $10

8. Chanel Sunglasses
Paid: $250
Asking: $75

Again, email me @, if you're interested in anything!
Thanks :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is Maddy
She is a farm dog - she assists with all the chores - feeding the cows, fixing fences, putting up hay, etc.

This is her "office"
She is very special
she rides in the front of the farm truck, not the back

Sometimes she is caught sleeping on the job

It's tough being a farmer, after all

This is her motto...

She takes her work very seriously, as you can see

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday
and you got some quality nap time in...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Hi friends!
Lots of random thoughts to share today, so I'm linking up (for the first time) with lowercase letters

So here we go...


This is my first child, Socks.  We found him abandoned in a field.  He was so tiny when we found him - his eyes hadn't even opened and we had to bottle feed him.  He is now 18-years-old!  (That is 89 in cat years - I think?!?).  I'm very sad to report he has a broken leg :(  He used to be a outside/inside cat, but in his old age something attacked him a few weeks ago (still not sure what he got in a fight with?).  Now he is old and crotchety and very upset he has to wear this cast.  We are all hoping it heals soon because being hurt during the summertime is no fun, especially when you're 89.


Thank goodness for these cheap popsicles 
2.99 for a bag of like 30 - I'm addicted


And, thank goodness for a pool
no explanation needed 


This is my pool partner...


I'm obsessed with the Starbucks Via 
For instant coffee, it's awesome


This guy...
gets the husband of the year award for going with me to see Harry Potter last night
This is sort of what his face looked like when I asked him to go see it with me...

He was able to suffer through it with a medium bag of popcorn and large coke 
(his dinner)
 (we are so heeealttthy!)


Harry Potter is epic
you must
go see it!

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Friends

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Michele from Imperfectly Wonderful World!  She is a beautiful wife and mother from Texas.  When T and I were headed to Austin for a wedding, I emailed Michele to ask her if she knew any fun places to eat while we were there.  She sent me back such a detailed list - I was floored!  It was so nice of her to go out of her way for a total stranger!  
(Our trip was awesome - if you get the chance to go to Austin, GO!  You can read about our trip HERE)

Since Michele was one of my first blog friends, I was so excited about the opportunity to meet her in person!

Michele sent me an email letting me know her family would be in Georgia during their vacation.  It was perfect timing, since I was home visiting my parents.  

We decided to meet up for lunch in Athens, GA.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants - The Last Resort.
It is delicious and a fun atmosphere - During college (when I still had my parents' credit card, I wore this place out...those were the days...)

It is strange to have never met someone, and yet feel like they are one of your best friends!  Isn't blog world great?  Michele and I really hit it off, and it was so fun to meet her awesome husband, in-laws, and sweet, sweet children.  Lunch was so good and the conversation was even better.  After lunch, we decided to walk around Athens to see the sights.  Of course, Athens is one of my favorite places, so I was excited to show Michele and her family around!  I showed them where I went to class, the SLC/library, the bookstore and the stadium!

Don't we look like we're ready for a UGA game?!?  All we need is a red pom pom...

We had such a wonderful time, and I left that day wishing Michele lived closer!  Blogland is sometimes a hard place to navigate - Sometimes I feel like I share too much, then too little.  And sometimes you wonder ... should I keep doing this?  I think the answer lies in meeting people like Michele.  I am so thankful for some of the friendships I've formed and all the lovely ladies I've "met" through this blog.  There are so many fun, thoughtful, and talented women out in blogland - and I'm happy to "know" so many of them! 


PS.  Check out Michele's post about our afternoon HERE

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reading List

It is soooo hot here.  I'm reeeally looking forward to getting our power bill.  That should be fun.  Anyway, wanted to share with y'all my summer reads.  Please share what you've been reading! 

1.  The Paris Wife by Paula McLain - Terribly depressing.  Has anyone read this?  What did you think?

2.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett - Can't wait to start this one!

3.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - Am I the only person who hasn't read this?  I never read it in school, but I feel like it is a classic, so I should.  

4.  The Valley of the Light by Terry Kay - I think Terry Kay can do no wrong!  Love everything he writes!

5.  The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards - This was on the "new" shelf at the library.  

6.  Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling - I've read the first two.  I love HP, but I've decided not to check out any more HP books from the library.  Lets just say they were, um, "well used" - Live and Learn!

These are also a few on my list:

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo
Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

In other news, I love this kitchen - Can't remember where I found this image (maybe off Tessa's blog @ Nine & Sixteen - she has the best inspiration photos!), but kudos to whoever designed this masterpiece.  Simply Perfection!

And in other, other news, you know you live in a small town when you stop at a railroad crossing and this is in front of you....

Happy Tuesday!
Stay cool!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Fancy, Just Famous 4th!

 Hey friends!
We went to the beach, went to the lake, went to Savannah, moved, and came back to the lake...

We headed to Destin for the 4th with four of our best friends!!!  It was wonderful!!!

Our 4th of July beach trip began with lunch here
Dobbs BBQ
is a must if you're riding through Dothan!

The coleslaw is too die for - and its served with a sliced pickle on top - yum
And if you're lucky, Mr. Dobbs will come by and show you a magic trick!

 We headed to the grocery store upon arrival
We stocked the fridge with plenty of fluids!

Grocery shopping is haaard work!

Really hard!

For dinner we headed Elmo's - a place that serves all you can eat crab legs
My brother and his girlfriend were in Destin, too - so glad they got to come to dinner with us!
Aren't they cute?

My brother ate 4 buckets of crab legs - and he has 0% body fat

our friends enjoying the live entertainment
btw, what in the world is the dougie?
I'm old

Is this not the most fantastic sign?!?
Not fancy, Just famous
Love it!

The next night we headed out to the Red Bar in Grayton Beach, which is seriously one of my favorite restaurants!  Sadly, I forgot my camera, which may have been a good thing since it was more of a party than a dinner!

After dinner we headed to Bud & Alleys - I seriously want to live in Seaside!

The night of the 4th we decided to grill out
We sent the boys to the grocery store again for supplies - do you like our style (putting the men to work?!?)  They came back with hamburgers, chicken, french fries, potato salad, regular salad, corn on the cob, apple pie and ice cream - obviously, we didn't go hungry!

It was so nice to sit outside and watch the sunset!

T was relaxed :)

Our very festive chef!!!

I enjoyed some reading time before we started to grill out.
Nothing beats Harry Potter and a Blue Moon!!!

Such a fun time!

The corn on the cob was delicious!!!


We enjoyed such a fun and relaxing time with some wonderful friends - we could not have asked for a better 4th! 

We got back Tuesday and left for Savannah Wednesday to move!
I was so thankful my parents came down to help us because it was a JOB!
We are also thankful that our house sold, especially in the market!  We will miss our little house though! It was a great first home!

Our Uhaul packed and ready to head to Americus!
Our stuff barely fit - How do we have so much?!?

Anyway, hope everyone had a great 4th!!!
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