Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is here!

Hi Friends!
Can you believe Thanksgiving is over?
Where in the world did this year go?

We have been busy at our house.  T has been sitting in a deer stand every morning and night, while I've been playing with my new child, Birdie.  I walked to the garage the other day and almost broke my neck on T's hunting boots which he left at the door.  I took a picture because it sort of sums up his life right, sleep, work, hunt...

He shot a "big" one Saturday morning, so he has the fever even worse now.  I guess Birdie and I will spend many more mornings cuddling by ourselves. 

As you can see, she has a really tough life

And I don't know how this position is comfortable, but she likes to wedge herself beside me in the chair
It's so cute - I just eat it up

I've also been busy decorating - well rather, deciding on things to decorate with
Its a work in process - T's uncle walked in this weekend and said, "man, I love yalls furniture!"
Ha.  I hope to have an after picture very soon!
Who knew a sofa was so hard to pick out!

In other news, we are gearing up for Christmas.  The weather has been pretty cold lately, so its been great have a fire every night or so.  

Our christmas tree purchase was once again an adventure.  We headed to Lowes to pick our tree (bc T had a coupon - Dad are you proud?!?).  Our ceilings are 10 ft high in the living room, so I suggested we go with about a 7 ft. tree...Clark Griswald aka T was having none of that!  We ended up with a very humble 9 ft tree that would have made ole Clark proud.

Too bad it was a tad big...

Oh well.  After cutting about 2 ft off the top, we were good to go

Birdie wasn't even phased...

And this is T's new obsession
a dust buster

Ugh.  I know I should appreciate that my husband is a neat freak, but if I hear this thing turn on one more time, I may freak out.  He decided after hauling in the tree, he should suck up all the pine needles...

After what felt like an hour of him dust busting, we were finally ready to put on some ornaments...

It turned out great, I think
I'm so glad to have a real tree this year - our fake one from last year just wasn't cutting it

It was pretty cozy once we got everything set up

Had to break out the flash on this one

Love the smell of fresh garland

I've been looking for a manger scene for 2 years now
My mom has a beautiful one from Sam's, but I can't find anything like it
I found this little one at Belk's and thought it was pretty

We haven't done much in the kitchen or the dining room because our house is truly a work in process at the moment, but I did throw a few things together.

See what I mean about bare?!
Oh well, decorating is my favorite part, so I'm taking my time

The mantle in the formal living room, and you can see a small part of our new rug from Pottery Barn!
I love it!

And nothing is better than Micheal Buble on the Bose
Ahh...swoon...he is amazing!

We haven't sent out Christmas cards yet, but I've got my cards ordered, my stamps bought and addresses organized, so I'm ready to go when they arrive!

One of my sweet, sweet high school friends came out to my parent's farm over Thanksgiving to take our Christmas card picture.  I thought they turned out great.  The day was really overcast, but she did a wonderful job making them feel warm and sunny.

This is one of the whole family

This is the one that will be on T and I's Christmas card

Hope everyone is having fun gearing up for Christmas
It is such a fun time of year and we have so much to be thankful for.

Much Love!


Town and Country Mom said...

I love your cozy Christmas-y den! Your tree looks beautiful as well as all your other simple, natural touches. And your Christmas card picture is just beautiful! Enjoy the season (deer and all!).

Sara Louise said...

Your tree is beautiful! And the living room with the fire roaring and the garland on the mantlepiece does look wonderfully cozy! The perfect spot to cuddle up :-)
And you're right to take your time with the decorating, it's better to wait and get it just how you like it, then rush and end up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't make you that happy,

Liz at Style and Ease said...

Your family room looks so cozy and I love the fireplace in the living room. Do you keep wood behind that little white door?

Melissa said...

House is looking great! Love your decantors!

Kate @ said...

Ah - finally! Another wife whose husband is OCD about cleaning! We need to catch up about this over, say, a bottle of wine! Mr. B. is a total neat freak (let's just say I don't lift a finger!) and I know I should be grateful, but sometimes the vacuum gets more attention than I do.

Your home looks absolutely gorgeous. Simply stunning. Those walls and bare spaces will fill themselves soon enough (we don't have a sofa either yet!)

And I love Birdie's sofa position. Looks comfy to me!

Megan said...

Your tree is gorgeous and your home looks so pretty for the season! I have got to get the Buble CD!!

Tessa said...

it all looks sooooo cozy, katie!! i just love your new place!! so exciting for you two to be spending your first christmas there! we had to whack a little off the top of our tree too. {every year}
your christmas card picture is gorgeous!!
xo, tessa

Ashley said...

ya'lls home looks so cozy and perfect for the holidays! i died over the tree hitting the ceiling....don't they always looks smaller in the field?! haha

and michale buble!!! yes, yes yes! he is awesome. he sometimes co-hosts on regis and kelly and is amazing!

your christmas cards are so cute! you are seriously so glam!

Merry December! :)


Elle Sees said...

It all looks great! New follower and fellow GA girl! Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!

Happiness Is... said...

I love the big tree - that's awesome! No rush in decorating - my mom always says that a well-decorated home takes a lot of patience. If you buy everything at once it will look like that's just what you did! So jealous of your fireplace....

Jamie said...

Y'alls living room is SO cozy :) Can't wait to see how you decorate everything else!

Michele said...

Your tree looks great! The story behind it is funny :) Men tend to overdo things just a tad, ha! I brought some Georgia pine cones home this summer and have used them to decorate for Christmas. Ahhh, I love Michael Buble. We just bought the Christmas CD last night. It's wonderful! I think I could listen to Christmas music year-round. Will and Ben even love it. I hear them singing Christmas songs while they play. So sweet!

Lorri said...

Everything is so beautiful! I bet you are loving it there! Merry Christmas!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Your decorating is gorgeous--so much Christmas cheer! I also love the hardwood floors and beams in your new home!

ms.composure said...

def LOVING the decorations you put up!!! and that cat is too cute!!

Blair said...

Guess what I got in the mail today? Your Christmas cards are lovely! Loved this post, Katie! Everything looks fantastic. Birdie is an adorable addition to your little family.

Maybe I'll get to see you over the holidays? Here's hoping!

Sam {} said...

haha!! love that the tree was too tall. looks great all put together.

your christmas card pic is adorable. love the jacket :)

JMW said...

Your house looks so lovely - I adore that shade or red in your family room. I want that color in at least one room in our house. We had the same thing happen with our Christmas tree - had to ship off the top once we got it inside! Great Christmas card - you are a darling couple. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

I'm your 200th follower! Love your blog!!!

Ana said...

ohh your décor is just so gorgeous!! So cosy is not forced or over done it's gorgeous dear :D
And your kitten sleeping all happy is too cute, my cat Sissi, also sleeps in the most outstanding positions believe me i even caught her sleeping on the stairs :o
Happy New Year!!!
Oh and i love your blog too, u've done an awesome job;)

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