Monday, April 9, 2012


Hey guys!
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

T and I headed to the beach with my parents for a little break and enjoyed every minute of our mini-vacation!  We had a great time in Hilton Head - is it just me or is this place super relaxing?

It was perfect weather - not too hot, but not too cold
excellent morning walk weather!

There were dozens of these jellyfish on the beach, which we managed to avoid - I wasn't sure if a dead jellyfish could still sting, and I didn't want to find out.  Ugh.  I hate those things.

I also realized while putting on my bathing suit I may have a slight problem...called hips

I wear small top...

and a large bottom...

oh well...

I decided to wash away my sorrows with a daily afternoon cocktail at the pool bar - at $10 a pop I didnt get to indulge too much!  


For dinner one night we headed to Boathouse restaurant, which I would highly recommended!  We had to wait an hour, but the scenery was beautiful so we didn't mind too much.  I even managed to shoot a few pictures with my "good camera"...

Dad and T checking out the boats

Such a pretty afternoon on the water - I wish we could have taken that boat for a spin!  Reminds me of living in Savannah!


See I told you it was peaceful there!

My squinty parents!
I was so glad they let us tag along on there vaca

Dad studying the menu!
It was a tough decision obviously

These people were sitting next to us - and of course being a Bulldawg fan I had to snap a picture of their precious dog.  I emailed them these pics because it was just too cute.  Those dogs just have a personality of their own - I love it!

Watching the pup play

T and I managed to take one picture together!

All and all it was a relaxing time and we were so thankful for a little break from reality!
Hope your Easter was wonderful as well!


So excited for Bubba Watson!  The former Bulldawg who just won the Masters!  His wife played basketball at UGA and according to my parents, who are big supporters of that program, she is super sweet.  She and Bubba just adopted a baby boy, too!  What a wonderful Easter for that family!
Go Dawgs and Bubba!


Ashley Slater said...

what a fun weekend! Those pictures DO remind me of savannah and myrtle beach too! okay, I have to ask----what happened to that guys leg in the picture with the bulldog?!? haha so random! you look lovely as usual!


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Isn't Hilton Head so wonderful? I've eaten at that very restaurant! We were at the beach this weekend too -- right up the road at Folly Beach, outside of Charleston. You look so pretty in that picture, by the way!

I Do Declare said...

Your trip looks so relaxing! I am itching for a beach escape!!!

I was cheering for Bubba, too!

Tess said...

Hilton Head is absolutely amazing - and like a perfect place to spend Easter with your family. The pictures you took are beautiful, and I especially love that cute one of the bulldog family!!

And we were rooting Bubba along the whole way. He seems like such a down to earth guy.

Glad to see you around, friend!! said...

I love HH - you captured it perfectly! Glad you had a wonderful time! What type of camera are you using?
xo -

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your parents are so adorable - love the photo of the couple with the dog - so much personality in that photo!

Laura Darling said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had such a nice weekend!

Sara Louise said...

What a lovely time, your photos even look relaxing!
And yeah, my bikinis are small on top and large on bottom too... because we're women! We've got badunkadunks :P

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I have actually never been to Hilton Head but am dying to go!! Your photography is, as always, gorgeous!!

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