Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cumberland Island

Hey there!
T and I are in Amelia Island this week for work

I told you awhile back that we moved because he decided to come back to a family business
The family business runs educational tours for retirement age individuals, and they do a great job!

So, he has got to learn the business and the tours
and his wife gets to tag along
for moral support, of course

Yesterday we took a day trip to beautiful Cumberland Island, which is off the coast of Georgia

The only way to get there is by ferry

a quick 45 minutes on the boat and you have arrived
It's really a step back in time

and if you remember its where John F. Kennedy, Jr. married Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in 1996
So chic

The Resurrection Ferns were in full bloom after a heavy rain
Yeah, I had no idea what a resurrection fern was till yesterday - They are ferns that dry up and look almost dead when it hasn't rained for awhile, but come back to life after a good soaking!

Here is our group headed through the Avenue of Oaks
so beautiful

One of the most interesting things about the island is its history -
It was bought by the Carnegie family in 1880 as a winter retreat
They built the ultra swank Dungeness mansion
40 rooms
100 if you include the closets, pantry and siderooms
why am I not an heiress?!?

Sadly, this is all that's left of the great estate 

This is the front of the mansion

Can you see the wild horses in this picture?
The horses are relatives of horses the Carnegie's owned.  In Mrs. Carnegie's will she specified that she wanted her horses released to roam the island.  So there are tons of them running wild.

Look at those planters!

This is the backside of the mansion and the lawn where they threw great parties
They had a staff of 300
Can. You. Imagine.
They built pools, tennis courts, a casino, etc.

This was the casino

The Carnegie's built beautiful houses around the island for their children
This was one of the last houses owned by the Carnegie's, but it now belongs to the park service because the 40 year trust ended last year
(the Carnegie's are fighting to get it back)

I can see why they want it back

There are tons of live oaks on the island
My favorite tree

This is Robert E. Lee's father's orginal gravesite
His body was moved to Virginia to be buried by his son recently
Glad I didn't have that job..

The salt marsh at low tide

Horse hoof prints in the sand
So unusual to see this

And here are two of the horses close up 
They are very calm - they didn't even budge as we walked by

Our group finally made it to the beach
It's so private and beautiful

Here is our tour guide/naturalist explaining some of the different shells and sea life found along the coast

This was my favorite part of the trip
The maritime forest is so beautiful
It looks like a fairyland! 

Excuse my paleness...

The canopy is unbelievable

I would highly suggest going to Cumberland if you are ever in South Georgia
If you're a big camper

...its a great place to go (my brother has been 5 times)!  You will see so much wildlife - sea turtles, raccoons, tons of birds, wild horses, jelly fish (that don't sting!), etc.  If you're like me, head to the only hotel on the island, The Greyfield Inn.  It's supposedly super swank!

Hope y'all have enjoyed these pictures - they were too beautiful not to share!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!


Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Okay so this is crazy, but we have a trip planned to go there this Saturday! Brandon has been trying to get me to go camping there for years, but I'm still not too sure about it. I don't really love to camp lol. Love your pictures-they are gorgeous! How fun that you get to travel for work! xoxo

Jamie said...

Beautiful pictures!

I've only been there once when I was younger and I've been wanting to go back! We're going to St. Simons in a couple of weeks so maybe I can talk my hubby into driving over :)

Kristen said...

Looks lovely! Definitely on my weekend trip list. Great post!

Dandy said...

I went the week before last. It was great,

Lorri said...

So fun! Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately! This is our last week of school with students and I am STRESSED!

Sara Louise said...

It's so enchanting and romantic. Your pictures are beautiful. And as I started to read your post, I said to myself, "I think that's where JFK Jr..." and then there was the photo.
(and in response to your comment on my blog... um yeah! cooking lessons in Paris... oui please. oh, and I'm currently waiting for My Life In France to arrive in the post from Amazon!) xo

Karena said...

What a treat such beauty abound!! A terrific business for sure!Oh I love to see the wild horses.

Art by Karena

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Miss V said...

So romantic looking!! Great photos thanks for sharing! How awesome that your husbands family business involves trips like this! Looks like a perfect afternoon.

Natalie said...

I have always wanted to go there!! Your pictures are stunning and what a fun family business for your hubby to join! I love Amelia Island, we stayed at the Ritz there a few years back for a wedding and it was amazing!

Donna said...

I love your blog and enjoy reading posts detailing your love for the South. I didnt grew up in here but hope that my kids do. Btw, I'm also married to a die hard Auburn Tiger grad :)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

The Dungeness mansion ... this is the first time I've ever heard of this or seen pictures. I'm in awe of its beauty. I can only imagine it in its heyday. Just gorgeous!

JMW said...

What a beautiful place - I've always wanted to go there. The natural beauty is amazing! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Wow, what a great trip--I love the idea of an island that can only be reached by ferry! Thanks for all the history too! The Spanish moss is so gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Wow! i have always wanted to go to amelia island and now i want to even more?!

PS - COOL jobs!

Kristen said...

wow, what an amazing place! love those last few really does look like something out of a fairy tale!

Kat said...

Wow, those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! How fun that you got to go along on the trip. I love the Georgia coast. It's so beautiful!

SKB said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! Just found your blog I LOVE it!!!

Megan said...

I've been wanting to go to Cumberland for years, especially since that is where JFK Jr and the beautiful Carolyn got married. Thanks for sharing your pictures; I now hope to visit and camp someday. So pretty!!

Michaela said...

how fun! The pictures are making me want to visit (: Gorgeous!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

Loved all these pics!!! One of our family friends got married on the island in 2008! Do you know if you're getting married on the island and a baby horse is born that week they name the horse after the Bride? It happened to the couple I know. Their wedding was GORGEOUS! They got married under one of the live oaks and everyone stayed at the Greyfield.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

This is so beautiful - and so sad that the buildings have become so dilapidated. I really enjoyed the tour!

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