Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet the flock

I've been home this week, as in my parent's home
My Mom had a hysterectomy last Friday - We women get to have all the fun, right!?!
So, I came home to help out - wash dishes, clothes, dispense pain meds, and feed the animals.
She is doing much better, and I'm grateful I've been here to help, even if its not much.

So one of the best parts of the day is feeding the ducks.
Remember these little guys?  Well, they have grown

See that white blob?
That is them coming in for breakfast - you would swear they could create a tidal wave, they swim so fast - They are some hungry ducklings!

Some of you may notice that our flock has increased.  Our neighbors decided to donate their two to our brood, and now all 5 are one big happy family!

I can't get over how fast they grow!

And here is my helper...Keeping a watchful eye on his siblings (maybe too watchful)

Headed back inside to eat his own breakfast

Speaking of siblings, my brother has just graduated college and temporarily moved back in with my parents (can you guess what the keyword in that sentence is?).  Anyway, I walked in my parent's dining room today only to find it has been turned into my brother's pantry...

How classy is that orange cone?!?

Sunflower seeds, baked beans, instant grits, fudge stripe cookies
A college man/child's diet...

My poor mother

So, mothers of boys, you've been warned - this could happen to you!
He has a great job, so let's hope he finds a suitable house to rent soon



Sundresses and Smiles said...

Those duckies are so cute! And I just cracked up over how your brother has taken over the dining room!

Jamie said...

How CUTE are those ducks?!

Jenny in Ohio said...

love the duckings! the little white mass on the water is too cute.

Hope your mom feels better! I bet she's glad you're around right now

-Lucky Mommy- said...

Ha!! I am laughing to myself as I look at pics of their dining room....I have 4 brothers...yes, I have seen this before. AND every male college graduate has an orange cone somewhere in their apartment to bring home... HA!

Ashley said...

how cute!! we used to have little ducks at our church and they would have a batch every summer that we'd feed...so adorable!

Michele said...

That table of food...oh my! I can see my boys having the same eating habits when they get older. Maybe a junk food intervention is in order ;)
I can't believe the ducks are as big as they are. Wow!

Angie said...

Hi There!

I wandered over here from Michele's blog...I live just outside of Athens (in Jefferson)...such a small world! And The Paris Wife? Loved it! :)

Sara Louise said...

Why do boys collect things like traffic cones and signs??? It's something I will never ever understand.

Fit With Flash said...

i'm completely jealous of your ducklings! not so jealous of your mom and he new house guest though... ; )

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Okay that is HILARIOUS ... but I don't have room to talk -- my parent's dining room is currently inhabited by some of my possessions from our move from Columbia back to Charlotte!

Maryland Magnolia said...

Love the jumbo jars of protein powder on your mom's sideboard :)

Ducklings are the cutest! But they do grow SO fast. They're teenagers two weeks after they're born :)

Abby said...

omg all the food reminds me of my brother! Your parents look like they living in an amazing place, and the duck are soooo cute!

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