Monday, November 7, 2011

My "potting bench"

Hello Friends!

So this is our brand new storage shed!
Isn't it cute - In Savannah, we had a tacky plastic shed that we kept our lawn mower in...we are moving up in the world, folks!

I've also decided that when T gets in trouble this is where he can live.
I digress...

So when we moved in the side part looked like this.  The previous owners left us lots of firewood, some other random wood, concrete blocks, and peat moss...

Very thoughtful

and they left us lots of discarded clay pots!

I saw these and probably was more excited about these little treasures than actually buying the house...
I know, strange, but I love a good "find" especially when its in my own backyard!

I pulled pots out of the ground (they must have been there awhile) being very careful while doing so.  I not a big fan of snakes or spiders and you just know they think a turned over clay pot is ideal housing!

I collected them all and then gave them a quick rinse

and there you have it
my very own
potting bench
of sorts!

And I've been busy potting
Luckily, I have a hard time killing these!

My plants so far!

Alright, hope everyone had a great Monday!
I'm off to torture my husband
watch Real Housewives of Bev Hills!!!



Sara Louise said...

Those pots were a great find!

Lindsay said...

looks gorgeous!! when we moved into our new house the old owners left tons of pots for me! and love yalls new house. so pretty!

JMW said...

What a great area! I'm jealous of your potting table - how nice is that? Your plantings look lovely. (Yeah, my husband rolls his eyes when he catches me watching Real Houswives. It's a sorry addiction, what can I say?)

Pinecone said...

It truly is the little things isn't it!! I get very excited over random things as well. All your plants look great!! Have to laugh about the Real is such a train wreck, but of course I have to watch. xo Ashlyn

Chic Coles said...

Your potting table is great. That navy pansy is one of our favorites.

Jamie said...

As far as sheds go, that one is pretty awesome.

Ps- I love all of the Housewives too!

Michele said...

I love gardening! I can't wait to move out to the country where I have more room to plant flowers. Looks lovely! I'm a little jealous of your shed ;)

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