Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Reads

So one of my 2011 resolutions was to utilize my local library more
and guess what?  I did!  Yay for reading!

I still haven't jumped on the kindle bandwagon - I still love the smell and feel of a book
However, toting around 8 books can get old...and heavy

These are some books I read over the holidays:

The Book of Marie by Terry Kay - anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with this author.  He never disappoints (me, at least).  Great Southern fiction!  Check it out!

Curtsey by Marne Davis Kellogg - she is such a fun author.  Started reading her back in college.  Loved her books Priceless, Brilliant, Friends in High Places.  I liked this book, but would def check out her others before reading this one!  Priceless is probably my fav.  Love the way she writes about exotic places and wonderful food...Here is a description of Priceless from her website:

"Kick Keswick, one of the most charming, enchanting, and best-dressed heroines of fiction, discovers that a life of crime can be impossible to leave behind . . . 
Kick Keswick has lived an extraordinary life. For twenty-five years she was the power behind the throne at a venerable London auction house and a master jewel thief. (Stealing only from those who deserved it, of course.) That changed when she fell in love with Commander Thomas Curtis of Scotland Yard and retired to Provence to live respectably, surrounded by beautiful food, wine and picnics in lavender-filled fields. But now, someone is stealing irreplaceable jewels from Paris to Portofino - and using Kick's signature techniques. To make matters worse, Thomas has disappeared with her secret cache of precious stones. It looks like someone is trying to lure Kick out of retirement, and perhaps Thomas is involved. With Marne Davis Kellogg's trademark descriptions of fabulous places, wonderful food, and the ultimate in luxurious living, PRICELESS is a deliciously indulgent treat, told with style and wit." 

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen - fun read, wasn;t my absolute fav, but I still thought it had a good twist at the end and it kept me interested.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson - still haven't read this one, but its next on the list!  Can't wait to see the movie - not excited about it being almost 3 hours though!  Has anyone seen it yet?

My grandmother gave me this reader's digest over the break.  4 books in one = Score
I had previously read Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah - really good book - made me cry.
Haven't ready the other 3 yet, but they are:
The Poacher's Son by Paul Doiron
A Thread So Thin by Marie Bostwick
Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls - Loved The Glass Castle and can't wait to read this!
The Glass Castle should be on your MUST read list!

Here are my reads for 2012:

Obviously, I need to add a few more to this list
What are yall reading in 2012?!?
Happy Sunday!


Elise said...

my goal is to read 20 books in 2012! hopefully i can do it with college and all... i would really recommend to buy a kindle, i was so "against" it first, but now that i got one i love it!!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Always love getting book reviews. I am reading the Happiness Project right now and love it. Very inspirational! I am on the second Hunger Games book- also good! Loved Same Kind of Different as Me!

Bethanie said...

You would LOVE Charles Martin!! I just read "Wrapped in Rain" for the second time. I've read all of his books, he's a great southern author, makes you laugh, makes you cry. He has a new one coming out in April called "Thunder and Rain" Cannot wait for it! Some of his others are "The Mountain Between Us", "The Dead Dont Dance", "Maggie", "When Crickets Cry"....Soooooo good!!! I read "The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes", its good. Also read the 3 Steig Larson books, they're good in a different way...I would love to see the movies, heard they're dark, but so are the books... Im going to have to check out some of your suggestions, I just finished "Wrapped in Rain" and need something good!!! So glad to see you back on here, we've missed you!!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Yay for books! I agree with the library thing. I utilized it more in 2011 too though ours is limited. I got on the wait list and if it was a really long list, I went ahead and purchased on kindle. But I like the feel of a book too.
Thanks for the tips, I am definatly logging some of these in my too read list!

A Big Little Life said...

Love these picks! I've been trucking right along through my reading list thanks to my Nook! So much easier than running to Barnes and Noble. Instant gratification--I like it : )

Happiness Is... said...

Half Broke Horses is amazing. I just read An Invisible Thread, and if you liked Glass Castle and like Same Kind of Different (which you should), I think you'd like An Invisible Thread. Really, really good. I also always tell people to read A Long Way Gone (about a boy solider in Africa). So touching - I read it in like 6 hours.

Ashley said...

i'm read ALL those over the holidays? i think thats as many books as i've read since i was 20! haha. i admire people who read so have so many on here that i want to read....i just need to do it!

happy monday and new year friend! :)

designchic said...

I love going to the library, and like you, need to hold a book in my hand...great reads so far.

Sara Louise said...

Hunger Games are on my list as well.
You are going to LOVE the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series... it takes about 40 pages to get into it but then it's off and incredible!

I Do Declare said...

I need to check out Terry Kaye! I love library books, and feel the same way about electronic readers!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I "adopted" (ok - stole) my husband's Kindle that he got as a gift because he, too, loves the feel of a book. I'm obsessed with the Kindle and it's great for the large amount of travel I do because I can travel with hundreds of books as a time!

A few 2011 faves of mine: Little Bee, The Glass Castle (which I think was your suggestion!), The Help, The Art of Racing In The Rain

Reading now: The Hunger Games ... absolutely obsessed with this book.

Michele said...

We just took Will & Ben to the public library (which is pretty great for a small town) last week. They loved it. I've never really taken advantage of it, but I think we will start going more often. I need to start reading more for fun now that the boys are getting older, and I have a little more free time. I know who to go to for book recommendations now :)

Karolyn Tracy said...

With Spring/Summer coming up - it is always great to have good books to read for vaca, etc. Thanks for commenting on my recent post! I think this Spring's fashion will be better than last! xoxo doll

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Can't wait to check out both Terry Kay and Marne Davis Kellogg--I've been on the hunt for some good new authors!

HendersonHome said...

I am a BIG fan of library books and I can still be found wandering the aisles of Chapters on a Friday night. I loved The Glass Castle as well....Just finishes Hunger Games and loved it (its my fav genre) and The Happiness Project I picked up after feeling a bit glum. I have so many on my list for this year, I have been writing them all down on post it notes and now they are all over the house!! xoxo

Megan said...

I love your book reviews; can't wait to add a few of these to my list. right now i'm reading the omnivors dilemma which is very dense, but really, really interesting. its like the food inc of books .

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