Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NYE in Colorado

Happy Wednesday!
Is anyone else ready for the weekend?!?
Yes, please

I digress, anyway, so I wanted to share with y'all a little recap of our annual ski trip with T's family.
This year we headed to Breckenridge, CO - which was beautiful.
It's always so exciting to see snow, especially when you live in South Georgia!

That's me below
If you think I know what I'm doing, you're wrong.
Again, I'm from Georgia.  And I only started skiing 3 years ago.  So, you can imagine.
Now, I can make it down the "Blues" without killing myself, but that's about it...

Now lets cut to my husband
He is from Georgia, too.
Unlike me, however, the man can really ski.
Black, Double Blacks - I mean, anything.  I'm sure if he could do that helicopter skiing he would be all about that as well.  I really hate that he ended up with such an non-athletic wife, but oh well!  He gets to babysit me on the blues for the rest of his life!  Gotta love marriage :)

See he even seems happy about it :)

The scenery on the slopes was gorgeous.
There wasn't alot of snow this year, but the weather was perfect. 

Yeah, that's me....
 I told you I don't know what I'm doing...

My favorite part of the trip was seeing these guys!
Bride and Groom

Who knew you could ski in a wedding gown?
These brave (and cold) souls were married New Year's Day on top of the mountain.
We somehow ended up riding the ski lift behind them - their photographer was on the lift in front of them taking pictures the whole way up, so I'm pretty sure we'll be in their wedding album.

Very neat

My favorite part of skiing is eating lunch on top of the mountain.
Although, lunch usually costs $50 for a hamburger, cookie, and a coke - it is sort of worth it
It's so fun to relax and take in the scenery after a long hard morning of snowplowing skiing

T before lunch
How beautiful is that background?!?

My second favorite part of the day is having a cocktail around the fire every afternoon
1=3 in high altitude - a good rule to remember :)
Here we are kicking back with our ski boots on (those things are torture btw)

We really had a great time, but after 6 days of skiing, it was time to head home.
One little thing stood between me and Georgia...
the dreaded


My little niece decided to hitch a ride on her Dad's luggage.

This was the line at airport to check your bag
Looks fun, huh?
Well, after standing in line for 2 hours we made it to our gate 5 minutes late...
Picture that scene from Home Alone where they're all running through the airport - yeah, that was us

I quickly decided that if we missed our flight
I was going here:

I was excited we made and ready to see my little kitten, Birdie
We left Birdie with my parents while we were gone on our trip, so when we landed I texted my brother and asked,

"how is birdie?"
"does she miss me?"

and in response he sent me this pic

Obviously, she is just homesick as can be...can't you tell!
Nevertheless, I was happy to reunite with my child!

That's all for now!
Happy Wednesday, Loves!


SSS said...

What beautiful scenery! Oh, and I'm bunny slopes while my husband is Mr. Heliski, too. ;)

Michele said...

Makes me want to drive to Colorado right now! I skied at Breckenridge when I was in college. It's a neat little town, too. Looks like an awesome trip (minus the airport). By the way, I'm all about skiing blues, no black for me :)

Liz at Style and Ease said...

Looks like you had a wonderful NYE! I've never been skiing out west but am dying to go. My husband and I are just like you and T - he's a beautiful daredevil on skis and I tottle behind on the blues just enjoying the scenery. Glad you made it home safe (although Cozumel would have been a nice second!)

Happiness Is... said...

Looks amazing! We went to Crested Butte a few years ago and I totally agree that the best part is the apres ski drinks :)

Oh, and the fires.

megan said...

Ha, you sound like me. I was on blue's all weekend. I can't believe you went skiing 6 days though! I only went a day and a half and I was pooped!

My Life as A Plate said...

Just found your blog! Love it! Such gorgeos pics. Looks like you had an AMAZING time. Jealous

Sara Louise said...

Your husband is a gem for staying with you on the blues. Mine would leave my a**.
Look like a fun trip... the airport, not so much :-)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I stick to the bunny slopes too! Looks like a fabulous getaway and how cool to see the bride and groom!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Hi friend, we are skiing twins! My husband is a crazy good skiier (black and double black like T) and I get stagefright before coming down a blue. All of our friends are great skiiers too. I finally just figured out that it works best for all of us if I tell them to leave me on the easy slopes & we'll all meet for a beer in an hour at the lodge! :) My idea of a great skiing day is relaxing, not being scared, and taking in the scenery -- not a straight-down drop!

Jamie said...

What beautiful pictures! So glad y'all had a fun time :)

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