Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Construction Zone

Hi Chickens!
Hope everyone is having a good week and a great Valentine's Day!
We have been busy here lately doing some renovations around the house...
This means some new lights, some new furniture pieces, and LOTS of paint

I'll post real before and after pictures, but here are some cell phone pics of the work in progress

New paint color in the guest bathroom
Used to be lime green, now it's Benjamin Moore Brittany Blue

This before picture is really dark but you get the idea :)

And the painting in progress
I love this blue!

The kitchen which was DARK red....

....a little preview of the before

We decided to paint the kitchen Benjamin Moore "White Linen"
4 coats to be exact

Testing out paint colors in the kitchen - we chose the one on the far right.
Painting the trim made the color pop even more

And here is just a little preview of the after
What a difference paint colors make!

*notice our new hutch!!!  yay!!!

We also had horrible fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, which screamed 1970's garage (you can see it in the picture above)
We also had a fan in the kitchen, which we never used and it made the ceilings feel really low.
We took the fan out and installed recessed lighting, which has made such an amazing difference!
Here is the work in progress

T was out of town the week this was done.  How do men manage to do that?!?

We also bought a new piece for the dining room
Although, I really loved this piece - it was way out of my budget at $3,000

So, I got this, which was much more budget friendly
I think it's perfect for our dining room, which is getting a little makeover as well

All of these changes are making this house feel so much more like our "home" - which is a wonderful feeling.  We have lots more to share so I'll keep you posted as more progress is made!  

Much love!


Can you believe our flowers are blooming in February?
You can see our Japanese magnolia through the window!  It's in full bloom!


Tessa said...

ooooo, i love a good house update!! all the changes are perfect!! BM linen white is a awesome color too!! but your new antiques are what get me the most excited!! xo, tess

Bethanie said...

It looks like a completely different house!!! Its amazing how much changing the color makes something totally transformed!! The White Linen seems to fit your personality better! Cant wait to see more pictures!!

Our trees are/were in bloom too, but the cold snap over the weekend really did them in. I was afraid that was going to happen!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your rooms are looking great. Loving the kitchen! The lighter color updates it so nicely! It has been really warm in MI too. Barely any snow at all, and it's raining today. Very different Winter. Have fun decorating!

megan said...

I've missed your posts! But I can see why you've been MIA with all of the house updates going on! Love the light fixture in the bathroom. All of the new paint colors look great! I was telling Cameron the other day how crazy it was that flowers are starting to bloom already!

TN Mimi said...

Love the new sideboard!

Liz at Style and Ease said...

Love the color in the bathroom (isn't painting a bathroom a pain?!) Great job - y'all have been getting at it!

Have a great weekend!

I Do Declare said...

I love the new piece for your dining room!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

LOVE the blue in the bathroom and the new buffet for the dining room!

Sara Louise said...

The difference in the kitchen is AMAZING! It's going to be so beautiful and bright! Looking forward to more photos :)

Molly said...

You all have made phenomenal progress! The kitchen looks fab so far and I LOVE the blue bath color!

Jamie said...

Everything looks great! I LOVE the hutch!

Michele said...

I read this a while back but was at work and didn't comment. I LOVE all of the changes. This is so exciting to see. I'd love to make some big changes to our house but Mark is making me wait until we build again, which can't get here soon enough.

Kat said...

Love all the updates!!! BM Linen White is what we painted our kitchen cabinets, doors and all the trim work in the downstairs. LOVE it!

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