Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the farm

happy hump day, peeps.

recently, my brother and his fiancé got engaged!  my bro popped the question on his favorite spot on our farm.   the farm holds so many special memories for me and my brother, which is why i think he decided to propose there.  i posted a while back about it here.

props to my mom making this cute sign.  my bro laid it face down and then flipped it over when he was ready to pop the question...ahhhh, cutest engagement ever.

they had their engagement photog session recently around the same spot where they got engaged.
their amazing photographer shared some of the pics here
pretty dang awesome, if i do say so myself

while t and i were home for thanksgiving, i showed him around that same spot since he had never been to that part of the farm.  i took my camera along.

while my pics def don't compare to anna's, i thought id share some of them here.
hope you enjoy the scenery ;)

this is my parents child
ive been replaced for sure
he was in their christmas card pic...
....i was not...

their other child
hanging out in her spot - the passenger seat
she was in the christmas card pic, too

work followed t into the woods
sometimes i really hate cellphones

me with my replacement

apparently, this is a deer rub

seriously, glorious

a little self-timer action


brother left a trail

anyway, thats all i have for now.
hope everyone is having a good week.  im ready for frrrrriiiiiiidddddaaaaayyyyyy!
check back next week - im having a blog sale.  tell your friends ;)

later, chickens.



Shannon said...

beautiful farm and beautiful pictures. I have a weak spot for wooden swings on tree branches.

Tess said...


Your new sister-in-law totally needs to do something with that wood and display it in the house. So stinking cute.

I love your pics of the farm. Here in LA, I'm starting to miss the real world.


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

What a thoughtful proposal!

He did a great job, as did your mom. The pics are gorgeous!

Sara Louise said...

I bet she loved the sign! What a girl wouldn't love a sweet proposal like that?!
And your replacement is very cute :)

Newlymeds said...

Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a beautiful backdrop for an engagement!

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