Monday, May 13, 2013

hey hey

i've been away from the blogworld for a while now (i know, i feel like i keep saying this), but lately i've missed keeping y'all up to date on our lives.  i look back on my blog and i'm so glad i have documented so much of our first year of marriage.  lately, time seems to be slipping by so fast.  i cannot believe it is may, MAY!  so with that, my goal is simply to slow down more and reflect by writing down what we've been up to more.  plus, blogland is fun. 

so first off, we have been painting.  still painting.
we've painted every room in our house.
and every hallway.
sometimes twice...
but, we are finished painting!
happy dance...

anyway, this is our bedroom.
yeap, didn't go with either of these sample colors.
chose the one on the left.
painted the whole room.
then painted it again...with a different color.
the things we do to perfect our nest.

birdie supervising the painting of my closet.

in other news, i've become obsessed with this new iphone feature.
hello...police scanner!  my grandparents used to have a police scanner and i can remember listing to it when i spent the night at their house.  crazy i now have one on my phone!

my mother is retired now.
and she is making lip balms.
needless to say, i think she is enjoying retirement.

some big news i haven't shared on the blog yet is that we bought some land.
a mini farm of sorts.
it came with 4 miniature donkeys, a pony, a horse, and a gazillion feral cats.
i can't wait to show more pictures of the barn and animals.
it has been a labor of love so far.
t and his dad just finished building this new fence.
such talented men.
now to paint it - my job - hope i can pick a color!!! ;)

and for a sneak pic, here are the donkeys.

and this was my valentines present from t.
good to know i'm his little princess.
someone please help him.

we just got a new lawn mower.
birdie approves.
t is in heaven.

how gorg is this spread at a luncheon i was recently at?
straight out of a magazine.  thought it was just too pretty not to share.


we babysat our niece one night this winter.
she was perfect.
but we literally were sooooo tired after she left. 
so so so tired.
no wonder kids go to bed at like 7.

i'm obsessed with making cheese plates.
this is one a made over christmas. 
i heart cheese.

a pic of t and i over the holidays while we were in deer valley skiing.
maine is my number 1 retirement spot, but utah may is my number 2

last day skiing

after the last one, we celebrated with a ice cold (literally) beer.

t and i at my parent's house for christmas day

christmas steaks!
we split them...don't worry

this was birdie's favorite napping spot this winter...
under the comforter in the guest room. 
i looked for her one day for an hour...and this is where i found her.

we visited nyc in the winter too
looooved it.
it was my first time visiting.  cannot wait to get back there.
saw phantom, which was amazing.
i listened to the phantom pandora station for like 3 months after i got back.

saw barry manilow
he was awesome, even though the only song i knew was copacabana.  sorry that picture is terrible but i assure you its him :)

almost bought these...

saw mary poppins which was PHENOMENAL!
if it comes to your town

well, i think i've pretty much caught you up on the last 3 months of our lives.
be back soon!


Cat Simmonds said...

Fun! How cool that you bought a farm! We live near ranches, I love country animals! Glad you are back, hope you don't stay away too long :)

Ashley said...

i have been SO absent from the blog world too but I miss keeping up with everyone. i randomly saw you on my gchat chat list today and was like, i need to stop by her blog! looks like you've been busy....but looking happier and prettier than ever :)

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Glad you are back and congrats on the land and animals that came with it, the donkeys are super cute!

megan said...

Glad you are back! So jealous of your mini-farm! I think you should do a post introducing all of the new animals. :)

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Sounds like life is busy and lots of fun. How exciting - a mini farm - I would LOVE!!!

Lauren said...

Is that an app on your iphone?! I must look into!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

You have donkeys! Four donkeys! And feral cats. I am insanely jealous. Can't wait for more blog posts, you were missed! :)

Katy Nustad said...

Yay!!! 'don't call it a come back' LOL. So glad you will be blogging!!!! Also, our tradition is to have steaks at Christmas :)

Sara Louise said...

I want donkeys!!!

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