Thursday, December 30, 2010

Around the World in 10 days!


WHEW!  Where to begin!  I have so much to catch yall up on - I feel like I have been gone forever!  First let me say that yall's Christmas post have been so, so, so awesome to read!  You have kept me entertained during my HOURS of travel!  Glad to see everyone had such a lovely holiday!

Now, I have so much to tell yall that I'll start with a little pre-Christmas post!  Before we left, I scrambled to get our Christmas cards out!  I ordered them from and they were WAY behind.  I called and after the first girl was really rude, I called back and got someone on the phone with half-a-brain er, a little more customer service!  They overnighted the cards and gave me another 20% discount, so I guess it was worth the wait.  I would use them again, but I guess I need to order sooner next year!

So this was me the day before we left...stacks and stacks of cards - being HAND-addressed, but my FIRE made it so much better, dare I say, relaxing?

AND Somebody kicked off their shoes and, uhum, was no help...


Yes, that is T, ASLEEP (complete with mouth open!), with my Mom's Christmas present!  We bought her a precious Siamese kitten!  Hers, sadly, passed away last year, so he was a wonderful Christmas surprise.  He lived with T and I until we could bring him to Mom the day before we left for Utah.  Needless to say, T and the kitty were quick to bond!  And I say "kitty" because this poor child has already had like 6 names, everyone in our family calls him different names!  My name for him is Bill, but no one likes that but me :)  I got VERY attached, too, and was so sad to see him go.  But, my parent's farm/home is like an animal's dream, so I know he will be spoiled rotten and have a great life.  A much better life than cooped up in our tiny home in Savannah.   Anyway, more about Bill later!


Town and Country Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by Town and Country Mom and leaving a comment. Happy New Year!

Lorri said...

Bill is too cute!

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