Friday, December 17, 2010

Old Friends and Old Houses

My dear friend is getting married this weekend!  We met in law school and were "study partners" for 3 years.  We shared outlines, tears, stress, fun times and many, many, many late nights together.  Coincidentally, she is marrying my other best friend from law school.  He told me he liked her one night at a party and of course, I told her the next day and the rest is history.

We are leaving bright and early for Alabama (not looking forward to a 5 hour drive - remember how I hate the car)!  I had planned to do another post tonight regarding some Christmasy stuff, but I'm too tired/lazy to load the pictures off my camera.  Instead I want to show you my BT (Before T) house.  My parents ended up buying a house for me to live in while I was in school.  It was such a cute little house and I loved every minute of living there!  I had the best neighbors, who cut my grass for me when I was away for the summers and would always call me if there was a strange car in the driveway.  What a difference neighbors can make!  My friend who is getting married and I spent many days, nights and weekends studying in my little house, which was so much better than the FREEZING library.  She would sit at the kitchen table and I would be in the study.  My parents sold it this past year (at a loss - darn market) and it was bittersweet to leave.  It was my first place that I lived with no roommate, so I really got to make every decorative decision, which I loved.  Most of my stuff was hand-me-downs, but I was grateful to have them!  It so funny how different T and I's house in comparison.  My old house was very feminine and sometimes I do miss all that pink!  Here are some pictures from when we had it on the market...

These pictures are from one of the very few snow days we had!

If you look closely you can see my cardinals!

I loved my backyard so much.  I was in a subdivision, but had woods behind my house which made it really private and there were tons of birds!

Guestroom.  Same pillows that are in T and I's house now.  One of the few things that survived the move.

I loved my kitchen.  When we were looking for houses, I saw this floor and loved it.  I think you either love or hate this floor.  Of course, mine was cheap linoleum, but I still thought it was great!

Laundry.  I wish T and I's room was more open like this one.  Its extremely tight and we have T's washing machines from college, which have no knobs - ugh.

Master Bedroom

Master Bath.  The sink area was small, great for me, but it would have been small for a married couple.  However, I had an AWESOME walk-in closet.  Oh I could have lived in there!  Our closet space is non-existent in our current house.  I've currently taken over both closets upstairs and one of two downstairs.

Living area/Dining Room.  I bought that table in an antique store and painted it white and recovered the chairs with lime green fabric.   I love that table.  Sadly, I don't think it ever saw a meal eaten on it, but it did see lots of study time!  I wish it wasn't in storage, but maybe one day we will be able to use it again.

My parents forbade me to ever use the fireplace because I think they were conviced I'd burn the place down!


Well that is all!  I'm spent and I've got to get some rest before this epic drive tomorrow morning!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  xx.


JMW said...

Your home is lovely! You have so many nice touches. And isn't it great to have a dusting of snow right before Christmas? :)

Tessa said...

Your 1st place was ADORABLE! I can see why you were so fond of it. I adore black and white checkered kitchen floors!! Thanks for the tour!! Have a fabulous time at the wedding!

Lindsay said...

That snow is gorgeous. I am jealous :)

Lorri said...

How great was that house? I am pretty sure it is a good thing that I don't have pictures of my college place. :) The kitchen floor is so much fun! Love it1

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