Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is here!

Our Christmas decorations are out of the box and up!  Honestly, I had these grand notions about how festive our Christmas decorating was going to be - I pictured a crackling fire, Christmas tunes on the radio, maybe some eggnog.  Um, well none of that happened.  Being our first Christmas together, I should have figured there would be some kinks to work out.  First off, we were tired after a 4 hour drive back home (I hate long car rides so much!).  So we were tired physically and of each other.  However, we put on a happy face when we got home and got out all the Christmas stuff.  It was a pain from the start - Half the light didn't work or were tangled, I broke like 3 ornaments, the star wouldn't stay on, and shocker, it was like 80 degrees...and my lovely husband kept staring at his Blackberry!  We were bickering and I was so annoyed and depressed, I really wanted to just say to youknowwhat with it and just leave everything in its box.  Just about that time, T disappeared in the bedroom.  I thought I had run him off.  A couple of minutes later, he came back into the living room wearing a full on ski outfit - he had on a T-shirt with ski pants, gloves, hat, and ski goggles.  I was so mad, but I couldn't help but laugh!  I knew I married him for a reason.   Needless to say, that lightened the tension and we got back to work and finished putting up everything.  It wasn't what I expected for our first Christmas decorating, but thats usually how it goes.  After the blood, sweat and tears, here is the finished product.

T and I have to go to a wedding in Austin, TX this March, so the plane tickets, etc. will be our  Christmas gift to each other (well that, and I'm getting new drapes for our bedroom -yay!).  T's family does a ski trip every year instead of doing gifts.  This year it's in Park City, Utah and I can't wait.  I'll, of course, be on the bunny slopes with the children, while T and his sisters are on the double black diamonds.

My family is small, so we still do gifts.  We just do Christmas with my parents, brother and grandmother.  I think my Mother is ready for T and I to get on the baby train, so Christmas will be exciting again.  Having kids around at Christmas is sooo much fun!   I think my brother and I would get up at like 2:30 to see if Santa had come yet!  My poor parents!!!

Mother is getting...kitten :)  Hers died a while back and she has been wanting one ever since!

Dad is getting a UGA print that is signed by some UGA greats, like Herschel Walker, Buck Belue, Lindsay Scott,  Larry Munson and Head Coach Vince Dooley.  Dad is a HUGE fan of the Bulldogs!  3 generations of my family have gone to school there, including me.  My parents go to every home game, so I think he is going to be thrilled!  (Lorri, I think your husband would approve:)

My brother is getting this:

And my grandmother is getting a framed picture of T and I's wedding.  I hope she likes this, its hard to buy for her because I feel like she has everything under the sun!

This is one of our wedding pictures.  I'm hoping to a post on our wedding soon, but I still haven't got our pictures back!


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Everything is looking so nice and festive. Such a beautiful wedding photo!

Kat said...

Your house looks fantastic. Very festive and tastefully decorated. I love it. The first year the hubs and I were married, we bought our tree and drove home with it IN the car with us, not on the roof. It was my husband's Jetta and we laughed all the way home. (P.S. I don't think the men get as excited about decorating for the holidays like we do, but I do think they appreciate it when it's done. Craig slept on the couch last year as I was putting up the lights and decorating the tree... This year, I think I will try to relax enough to let my girls help me decorate the tree.)

Lorri said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! I think it is perfect. As for the gifts...YES! My husband would love that picture! I don't think he has that exact print, but I know he has all of those autographs. When in doubt....something autographed hits the spot!

Tessa said...

Looks beautiful inside & out!! Couldn't help but laugh at your post. Real life is never quite like the movies! I would have been so tempted to decorate the deer - maybe a wreath or a scarf - or ski goggles ! (ha! I kid, I kid!) thanks so much for the recipe. I will be making it soon!!

Michele said...

Your home looks so festive and cozy! Well done. I have to say I love the photo of your front porch the best. Lovely! I remember being a newlywed and having expectations for things to be a certain way. I've learned that it usually doesn't turn out as we have imagined, but sometimes it's better than we envisioned. Thanks for sharing!

Visit Park City said...

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