Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel...FINALE: Ceremony & Reception!

I was going to share this yesterday to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I got behind
because someone decided to take a little VDay shopping spree at my expense!
My cc's fraud department called me yesterday and asked me if I'd bought a computer that morning online 
"Uhhh, no"
So that was fun.

Anyway, I'm back in business
(I hope that thief got a bouquet full of baby's breath and carnations for VDay)

So here is the FINAL post of my little wedding series...
It's long, sorry!

This is T's church -
Isn't it gorgeous
T and both of his sister's have gotten married in the same church

I officially blacked out at this point -
This is why you must get a good photographer because it these moments that you won't remember...

Love this picture of my Dad - he looks so happy

and I was, too!

All, except two (shout out to AP), of my bridesmaids were blond
The were a very hot crew...

Mr. & Mrs.

Our reception was at the country club 

The wedding cake was intact after is long trek from Atlanta

The groom's cake
T (as many of you know) is an AU grad and football fanatic, so naturally his cake has to be AU inspired

Pictures of my parents and my grandparents

Now to the food - 
which I didn't taste
but heard was FABULOUS

Our caterer and florist was the same person
a man named Leon Holloway
who is the definition of fabulous, awesome, calm, cool and collected
If you're getting married in the near future, do yourself a favor and call Leon

Of course, we had to have tomato sandwiches

Getting ready to make our grand entrance!

First dance.
I really thought this was the most awkward part of the wedding
especially considering that I have zero rhythm 

Alright, now it was time to partaaayyyy...

Also, this guy's name is Shyrod
and he is also awesome
He is the lead singer of Papa-Sol
*cue storytime*
T and I met at a New Year's party here in Savannah.  The band that was playing that night was Papa-Sol, but I had nooo idea who they were because I was too busy chatting with an AU grad and drinking free champagne.  Fast forward two years later.  Our friend works for East Coast Entertainment and was helping us pick out a band.  He sent of a list of options, we took a listen, and decided on Papa-Sol.  Our friend and his wife came for a weekend visit and I was talking about how I was so excited about the band we had chosen and how couldn't wait to here them play.  Our friend looked at me funny and said, "what are you talking about, you've already heard them?!  They were the band that played the night yall met - I booked them for the New Year's Party in Savannah."
How weird is that - we blindly picked the band we heard the night we met as our wedding band.

They were soooo good!

Sunglasses were our party favors

I told you it was a fun party!

My brother killing it on the dance floor
He apparently got the rhythm gene

                                                       Sister                                &                          Brother

Best Dancer Award

Brother, again

The party finally ended, but not after an impromptu dance party
It was such a fun reception, if I do say so myself
Anytime, you end a party to Enrique's "Baby I Like It" - you know you've had a good time

On to the honeymoon...


Hope yall have enjoyed these posts - Its been fun to share such a meaningful and wonderful day!
Hope everyone had a great (theft free) Valentine's Day that was filled with lots of LOVE!


Kristen said...

Those pics are fantastic! I just love your dress. I went with something similar. So Classic!

megan said...

Looks like yall had a blast! Everything looks amazing from the food, to the dress, to the cake!

Jayme said...

Gorgeous pictures! You wedding dress is STUNNING!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Looks like some party! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures of your wedding. x x

Town and Country Mom said...


Lorri said...

I bet your wedding is remembered by allthat attended! Just beautiful!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Seriously fun wedding...the sunglasses are such an awesome touch! But I would have to say my favorite picture is the one of you being walked down the ailse by Daddy...priceless. Such a sweet picture!

-Lucky Mommy- said...

Such a gorgeous wedding!!! Wow! Fabulous V-Day post :)

Tessa said...

so... pretty girl, did you coordinate your bridesmaid dresses with the church interior??!! ;) beautiful! our first dance was a mess. we had taken dance lessons (my husband is the one in our relationship without the rhythm.) we planned to do a fox trot - the first step backward I stepped right on my dress. we both looked at each other and cracked up. no one really knew, but after that, I took such baby steps, I hate to think how bad we looked. Jimmy threw in an outrageous number of dips to make up for it and add a little drama - not sure that worked! :) looks like you had one fabulous party to start your married life. so fun, makes me want to haul out my old album. I was married in the days BEFORE digital photography!! hope Tuesday got off to a better start!! xo, Tess

{av} said...

ok. I don't know where to begin...except to say that everything looks positively GORGEOUS. You, your dress, the church, the venue. EVERYTHING. Our dance was the most awkward part of our day too...I didn't get the rhythm gene either ;) can't wait to see photos from the honeymoon! xoxo {av}

Tess said...

I am gushing. Everything about this is beyond amazing.

Your dress: Stunning
Your hair and makeup: Obsessed
The Sunglasses at the reception: Adorable
The photography: Perfect
.....Where do I stop???

My boyfriend is a little mad at you because I made him sit and read this whole post for a good 25 minutes as I told him about every little detail that I just loved. What a great wedding!

Shannon said...

Your wedding looked amazing and you are gorgeous! Don't you wish you could relive that night over and over again? :)

Michelle @ Ten June said...

So gorgeous, girl! LOVE the back of your dress, it's insanely beautiful. And the sunglasses (and, hell-o, the DANCING) looks like so much fun!!! Congrats on such a beautiful wedding!

Michele said...

You looked stunning and your ring is beautiful! This was such a sweet and special post for Valentine's Day. You had a perfect wedding. What a special way to start your life together. Thanks for sharing!

Sara Louise said...

Spectacular photos! Your wedding looks incredible, and you and your gown are gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Your wedding was beautiful! The sunglasses brought a smile to my face remembering our wedding when I gave sunglasses and umbrellas to my attendants. We had cards printed up that said "we have been friends in sunshine and in rain" and attached them with ribbon. They loved them and I loved doing something a bit different.

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I LOOOOOVE all these pics! Thanks for sharing! I never can get enough of wedding pics! Love them!!!

Amy R. said...

Gorgeous! You were beautiful, the ceremony looked beautiful, seriously everything was beautiful!

Amy R.

Something Old, Something New said...

You were a gorgeous bride! Congrats :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love, love, love your dress, and it looks like your guests had such a wonderful time!

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