Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tequila Sunset

It was gorgeous this weekend!
The sun was shining and it felt like spring!!!

On Friday, I sat here...
(no, not on a new porch swing! maybe birthday?!?)

with this girl..
my dear friend, Laura, who is leaving Savannah soon :(
I've now known her for 9 years...
We got "hazed" together - :)
not really

and we drank some of this...

This stuff is good
and strong
It's 100 calories per serving
Even better!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Here's to good weather and good friends!


Michelle @ Ten June said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! xo

Shannon said...

Always wondered if the Skinny Girl stuff was any good! I love watching Bethanny on her various reality shows! Looks like a terrific weekend by anyone's standards!

Just found your blog, so cute!



Natalie said...

I have been wanting to try that stuff. Glad to know its tasty! How fab was the weather this weekend?? I loved it, I actually got to wear a dress with no tights! xoxo

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm loving having some warmer makes me excited for some lazy summer days...oh wait, there aren't any of those anymore! (c: J/K...I'm sure we can find the mean time, have a fabulous week!

Jayme said...

Now that you've endorsed it, I am definitely giving Skinny Girl a try!

Kristen said...

I've been waiting for a review on the skinny girl margarita.. glad to hear its tasty. Did you find it in the grocery store?

Gabriella said...

Sounds like a perfectly good weekend to me!

megan said...

MMMM love some skinny girl margarita's and agree that they are surprisingly strong!

Lorri said...

I can't wait to try it! Yummy!

Pinecone said...

I have always wanted to try this...I need to get on it!!

Tess said...

I have got to get myself a bottle of Skinny Girl - I keep hearing great things!

Glad you had a great weekend. Jealous of your perfect weather!

Sara Louise said...

Sitting on a porch with a bestie and some Skinny Girl margaritas sounds perfect!

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