Thursday, March 24, 2011

Closet LOVE

What I wouldn't give for this to be my closet

Apparently, this is the closet of Meg Braff, who might be my new favorite designer.
And, anyone who has a closet this awesome, I want to be friends with
So, maybe when I win the lottery, I'll have her decorate my house and my closet


Happy Friday, Chickens!

So sad to hear about Elizabeth Taylor
All of you who have little girls, make sure you rent National Velvet 
It is one of my favorite movies
a classic,
just like its star





Kat said...

Wow, I love that closet too. It's fabulous! I was saddened to hear about Elizabeth Taylor's passing as well.

More than the stars in the sky said...

Amazing closet! We can dream can't we! :)


Lorri said...

This picture is creaming at me! "You NEED more color!". I guess I will just have to do a little shopping! :)

Faith said...

Um, that is ammmmmazing!!! Wowzers.

And National Velvet is one of my favs too. Sad day.

WhatMissLoves said...

Thanks for the follow!
I'm doing a fun post centered around my readers :) hope you can stop by and decide if you want to take part!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

OOOOH, i LOVE that closet! so many bright colors, floppy hats, and lots of organization!

Natalie said...

So Sad about Elizabeth. She was an icon and drop dead gorgeous. Will have to rent that movie. Love the closet, too funny I did a post on closets today too- great minds think alike! Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

The owner of that closet looks like a happy person.

And I love Liz Taylor. So beautiful. I always kind of felt a kinship with her because we have the same last name!

Katie said...

gorgeous! That wardrobe alone is to die for :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Those drawers look like the ones at Victoria's Secret...I want them!!! I wonder where you can buy them...

Amy Sue said...

thanks for the kristin hannah suggestion- i'll have to check out winter garden! if you haven't yet read the things we do for love or magic hour by her, i suggest those!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

whoops, the above "Amy Sue" post is really me-- i'm on someone else's computer and it was automatically signed in as her!

Renée said...

love all the colors!

Sam {} said...

that closet is awesome!! love all the colors :)

happy weekend!!

Michele said...

That closet has just redefined my idea of "happy place". Wouldn't you love to go to that each morning to get dressed!?!

Caroline in the City said...

Would love to see National Velvet... I've been watching Taylor clips over the past few days. What a woman!

Never heard of Meg Braff, will have to check her out. I love the COLOUR in her closet.

Nice to e-meet you!



Shannon said...

WOWZA! I love that closet! so pretty and soooo organized! If only... You mau be able to sort something out something similar but more reasonable with help from the Container Store! I'll have to look in to that!

Ashley said...

that closet is STUNNING! i'm with you on all those clothes! love all the colors

Bree said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a lovely organized colorful closet like that?! Um yep! Love that chair too.

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