Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music to my Ears

I'm not one of those people who lives and dies for music
I like pretty much a little bit of everything
within reason
a little bit of country, classical, oldies, christian, pop, and yes, even some outkast
Actually, I looove some Outkast

all that being said
I have 3 bands I must see in concert before I depart this Earth

They include...

The ultra fabulous
Elton John

My mother and I love him, and its my mission in life to get us tickets to a show
My cousin's friend was his assistant way back when, and my cousin told us that when her friend had a baby, fabulous Elton send her a room full of flowers and goodies to the hospital
Thats the type of employer I want
Gosh, I just love him
I saw an impersonator at Myrtle Beach one time and I might have been the most excited person in the audience


The Allman Brothers

Not only are they from Georgia, they are my favorite band to listen to on a long road trip
Nothing better than cruising down the road, sun roof open, listening to Ramblin' Man

When I first got a CD player, but had no CDs to play
I rummaged through my parents collection and I found The Allman Brothers
I still have that CD - sadly, its super scratched
Love so many of their songs
Melissa, Southbond, Come and Go Blues, Blue Sky


Ok, hold on to your cowboy hat


How amazing is he?
True country
The plaid button-down shirt, the hat, the starched Wranglers
Pure Country may or may not be in my Top 10 favorite movies

Run is my favorite song
Ahh, swoon.

So, who is your favorite artist
or song
I haven't updated my pod in a year, so I need some new tunes

Happy (random) Monday!


Jenny said...

Elton is the best! I hope I get to see him sometime, too.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

good choices!! funny about your elton john impersonator comment-- when i was little i went to a fundraising concert with my grandparents to see a garth brooks impersonator-- for YEARS i thought i had actually seen garth brooks in concert! my little mind thought it was really him and so the memory stuck with me; i was crushed in high school when i found it was a sham, hehe!

Ashton said...

Love all three myself! Especially, the Allman Brothers given my blog name. Elton and Gaga's performance at the Grammy's last year is one of my favorites. I am currently listening to The Band on repeat. I have to listen to music when I study, and they are perfect study jams.

Lorri said...

George is just plain yummy!

Natalie said...

Great list. I love the Allman Brothers in High School we used to go to there concerts all the time. Also love me some Elton. Right now my favorite band is Mumford and Sons, also love The Avett Brothers and Crowfield- they are actually from Charleston so I love to support locals. Happy Monday is id deary in Savannah too? I just want to crawl back in bed.

Sam {} said...

i'm so in love with george!! ahhh, can't get enough :)

JMW said...

My favorite band is U2 and I'll be seeing them in Nashville this summer. I can't wait! Elton John is going to be playing here soon, at the arena across the street from my office. Should be a good one!

Pinecone said...

I love listening to music, and with 3 teenagers in the house...something is always on!!
Love the story about the Elton impersonator!!

MLD said...

Love me some Elton John too! My parents and I saw him and Billy Joel in concert two summers ago and it was amazing!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I love that photo of Elton! I'd love a pair of those glasses :)

Anonymous said...

Love Elton, but obsessed with Seal and Earth Wind and Fire. I admit I am probably the youngest in the audience, but the concerts are to die for.

Anonymous said...

Love Elton, but obsessed with Seal and Earth Wind and Fire. I admit I am probably the youngest in the audience, but the concerts are to die for.

Tessa said...

I saw Elton and Billy Joel in concert years ago, they were amazing. My music taste is all over the board from jazz to country, from Christian to pop. Our favorites around here lately...
1) When dancing with my boys it's Usher or Justin Beiber. Charlie has got some serious dance moves.
2) When making dinner & doing dishes with my hubby it's the new Script CD or Matt Kearney (the later stuff)
3) When blogging, I play my playlist which has a little something of everything.

Happy Monday, Katie!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love Garth Brooks! He is classic country!

Kat said...

I love music too and also have eclectic taste. My sister has seen Elton John and Billy Joel in concert as well. I guess it was amazing!

Raven said...

George Strait is AMAZING. I actually saw him in concert a few years ago. LOVE his voice (btw, do you watch American Idol? That country boy sounds just like him!!!) and my bucket list of stars to hear in concert? Britney Spears. She is my LOVE!!

Natalie said...

Love me some George Strait - he's classic! The Allman Brothers would be a great concert - might get me in a little trouble! Ha Ha!

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