Sunday, November 7, 2010

Famous Folks

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

So last Thursday, T and I got invited to go to the Savannah Film Festival by some great friends of ours.  I'd never been to a film festival before, and it was a much bigger deal than I had imagined.  They started off the show by giving an award to Sir Ian McKellen or as some of you may know him, Magneto or Gandolf.  Yeah, that guy...

Believe it or not, this grainy picture, is him...

He said a few words, accepted his award, and then the show started...

The movie we watched was called Blue Valentine - and it.... was.... terrible!  Ugh.  Not only was it super depressing, but it had about 6 graphic youknowwhat scenes in it, which I really could have done without.  Anyway, we endured the movie, and truly the only highlight was that Ryan Gosling was the lead actor.  I'll forgive him for playing in such an awful movie, only because he played in a really good movie, anybody remember The Notebook!   Of course you do because it was awesome.  Man, he is cute.  I also really like Rachel McAdams, who I though was great in that movie, too.

Did anybody ever see them accept the MTV award for BEST KISS?  Oh, check it out.  Swoon.  Love them.

Anyway, after the movie, we headed over to a super swank hotel here in Savannah called The Mansion.  Our friends had given us some VIP passes, which meant we got to go eat h'orderves and drink some free cocktails.  The Mansion was really lovely and if you're ever in Savannah, I'd highly recommend staying there.  The hotel overlooks beautiful Forsyth Park and also has a great restaurant!

 Here are some pics of the hotel...

Forsyth Park


Pretty fancy, huh?

Anyway, here are some pics from the party!  We had a great time, and I think we're planning to get tickets and go back next year...and hopefully, we will see some better movies! 

Yes, I acted like I had never been out of the house and was taking pictures of the ceiling.  I thought T was going to die of embarrassment, but I thought they were pretty - you never know when your going to need some good design inspiration!

Well, I'm pooped.  It's only 7pm and I feel like its 10pm!  I guess since we "fell back" an hour today, I'll have to get used to it being dark at 5pm!  I'll be back with my Paula story tomorrow!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

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