Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magazines & Books

There is nothing more exciting to me than reading a good magazine or book!  Since we will be traveling a lot for the holidays, I'm in need of some suggestions for just these things...

First off, magazines...

Since my beloved Southern Accents was canned, I haven't found a new magazine to replace it with.  We currently subscribe to Coastal Living, Traditional Home, Southern Living, and Garden & Gun.  I like all of these, but I've been taking them for YEARS and I'm a little bored.  Also, my subscriptions are up this year, and I'm ready for a change!  Does anybody have some new suggestions on something new to try?

Secondly, does anybody have any suggestions for some good books?  We're flying out to Utah to go skiing (yay!) in late December and I need a good read for the plane ride.  I used to love to fly, but we had such bad turbulence on our honeymoon to Europe, I'm a little hesitate to go back up.  Hopefully, I'll just a have a good stiff cocktail and read a couple of chapters to help ease this anxiety.

On our honeymoon, I read The Piano Teacher and Little Bee.  They were great books, but a little on the depressing side, so I'd like something a bit cheerier for Christmas time.  Have yall ready either of those?  What's on your night stands now?  Anything worth reading?

Also, if anyone wants The Piano Teacher, let me know and you can have it (I've already shipped Little Bee to one of my pals in Charlotte)!   I know its a shame to give away books, but we are limited on space and we have more BOXES of my books still sitting in storage!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are leaving for "home" on Wednesday and I can't wait!  Also, can't wait to get back and decorate for Christmas!!!


Tessa said...

here's a link to my most recent post on what i'm reading.

The last three books I read I liked (they wouldn't make my all time favorites list, but they were well written and good reads): Boy Still Missing, American Wife, and The Romantics... Last summer I read A Year of Wonders - EXCELLENT but not really an uplifting book. And when you find a good new decorating mag. let us all know. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you & your hubs.

Kat said...

"Love Walked In" and "Belong to Me" are both excellent! "The Swan House" is a terrific book too!

Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens are fun magazines you might want to subscribe to. (I love "House Beautiful" too!)

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