Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Day at the Lake

Hi friends!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We had some much-needed/much-welcome cool weather!
Yes, cool in South Georgia!
Hooray for FALL!   My favorite season!

I digress


T and I visited his sister and her family a few weekends ago in Murfreesboro, TN
After a lovely Friday night in downtown Murfreesboro (their downtown is too cute), we packed up and headed to Center Hill Lake about an hour away.

Let me tell you, this lake is BEAUTIFUL
I love Lake Blackshear (which has been our home for the past 5 months)
lets just say its a little muddy!
Center Hill Lake is not!
It's practically crystal clear!
You can see your toes when you jump in! 

and its surrounded by mountains, which make it even more gorgeous!

The crew headed to the boat

The boys couldn't wait to get on the tube
where they stayed all day!

The neat thing about this place is that there are very few docks on the water
I think I saw maybe 5 or 6 docks the whole day
I thought that it would be a pain to have to drive down to the lake to get on the boat, but it actually makes the lake so much more serene and natural looking not to be crowded with docks

You know what is not beautiful?
That Auburn shirt :)
(T was in quite the mood this weekend after AU's loss to Clemson - (Luckily, I went shopping Saturday, so I missed his meltdown)

The lake also has several waterfalls, which are gorg!
Look at the blue water!

Boys still on the tube

This is the most beautiful place on the lake
It looks almost too perfect to be real

How beautiful is that rock
You know a place is awesome when you comment on how pretty the rocks are!

Show off

Also a good place to dive
I was scared to death, but I did jump

Our captain for the day


After seeing Alan Jackson's lake house (which is amazing), T did a bit of skiing

and I did some tubing..

You know you're old when the first thing you do when you get off a tube is ask for an Advil...

Fun times!
Anyway, hope everyone had a fab weekend!


Kat said...

That lake is gorgeous. What a fun day. Time on the water is always fun!

Karen said...

That certainly is a gorgeous lake! Looks like a great time!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

that looks totally relaxing and the lake looks amazing!

megan said...

Wow, what an awsome day! Believe me, I wish Auburn would have beat Clemson, too!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

That looks like so much fun. There is really nothing like a nice day on the lake. That lake is gorgeous - the rock and that water!

Fit With Flash said...

girl, i know what you mean. it's so fun to waterski, wakeboard,tube, but everytime i stop i know it's gonna be a rough morning the next day. #sore

Lindsay said...

aw, love murfreesboro! i went to middle tennessee state!

Sam {} said...

lovely lake!! oh man, tubing hurts so bad. i don't know how i used to do it so often as a kid :)

Jamie said...

What a pretty lake with beautiful views :) Glad y'all had fun!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a great weekend! beautiful photos seriously the lake and the surrounding scenery is gorgeous, love it. wish i could spend a weekend here. thanks for sharing!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

An almost clear lake with such beautiful rock formations ... I would be in heaven! So insanely pretty.

Our family has a lakehouse and there are docks everywhere. I never really thought much of it until seeing the serene beauty of an almost dock-less lake. Beautiful!

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