Thursday, September 8, 2011

this time last year...

I'm still alive
I've missed blogland
we've been
house hunting...
and just livin' life

So, lots has been going on, but I had to share where I was this time last year...

Swoon, why couldn't we go back for our 1 year anniversary???

I never finished my honeymoon blog post, so how fitting that my last one is now:)

You can check out the earlier post

The only phrases T heard more than "I love you" and "I'm so happy" were "Hold on, let me take a picture!"
So forgive all of my posts - I know there are a lot!

A beautiful church in Sorrento!
There are sooo many beautiful churches in Italy

Another one a few steps away
(And I thought Southerners were religious!!!)

I wish we had more fruit stands in America
these are just fabulous!

Looking down!

Fresh catch!

The "beach" at our hotel


I'm soooo ready to go back!

Lovin' Life

How cool are these boats
I want

So, this is crazy
See this guy with T?! 
Well, he came up and sat next to us on the beach - He settled in by himself, and I noticed he was wearing a Georgia Tech baseball hat.  I went to the University of Georgia, and Tech is our archrival, so of course, I had to talk to him.  How often do you see someone halfway around the world with a Georgia hat on?!  So we started talking - He was stationed in Naples, and had decided to head to the beach on his day off.  He and his wife live in Atlanta, and she was flying in a few days later to visit him.  So we kept chatting, and playing the name game....and turns out....he is the 1st cousin of my roommate from college!

Too crazy
the world is small, people!
So here is the obligatory pic

Our last night in Sorrento
Dinner overlooking the ocean at our hotel

Can you tell I was a happy girl?!?

Hope you enjoyed our honeymoon series :)
We had a wonderful anniversary at Lake Blackshear
It's not France or Italy, but it was still wonderful!

Hope everyone is doing great!
Lots more news to follow!
(And no, its not baby news :)



Tess said...

Glad to have your pretty face back to the blogsphere. We missed ya around here.

Can't wait to hear the big news...I will admit I'm sad that it's not a bundle of joy - BUT it looks like you two newly weds will have plenty of fun with just the two of you.


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I want to go to Italy SO bad! I've been everywhere else but there and it just looks gorgeous, great pics!

Jenny in Ohio said...

oh my gosh, those pictures, the clear waters! ahhh! Love it!

So funny about meeting that guy! I feel like that always happens to me when I'm on vacation too!

I Do Declare said...

I saw a guy with a GA hat in London, once, while I was with a UGA grad, and yes, there was a photo! And, even without my GA friend, I probably would have talked to the guy to tell him I'd gone to UT. Southerners are crazy like that!!

Gorg pictures - Italy is on my travel list, for sure!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Such beautiful pictures. They transport me to Italy instantly. I'm dying to go there!

The second to last dinner picture is just magical. I'm so happy ya'll had this beautiful adventure for your honeymoon.

So great to see you back on here! :)

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

You have been busy!! Beautiful pictures and Happy Belated Anniversary!! The Christian school (Pinewood Christian Academy) football team in the town we live in is playing Southland Academy tonight here, and I couldn't help but think of y'all. We are going to the game, so we'll see how it goes! Have a great weekend! xoxo

Sam {} said...

hi!!! love all these pics. sounds like you guys have had a busy summer :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

GORGEOUS images! I want to go to Italy so badly! And that's too funny--I think Bryce gets very tired of my camera/picture taking, but he's a good sport and it seems like T is too! And wow, that story is too funny--what a small world finding your roomie's cousin!

Natalie said...

Been missing you! Italy is top on my list of places to visit!!

Michele said...

Gorgeous! How fun to run into someone half way around the world and have a connection to back home. Love it! Your photos are spectacular. I can see why you want to go back. Can't wait to hear what you've been up to lately.

Jess said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Sadly, we won't be having a honeymoon right away, so I can daydream through your pics of Italy. :)

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