Monday, September 12, 2011

Sea Island

 T and I took a much need vaca to Sea Island recently
We went with friends, but it was a great place to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary

Love the drive in
You immediately go in to vaca mode

As we kicked backed and sipped our cocktails, we watched their cute pup play
Can you tell she likes water?
and fetching?


Time for Round 2


I love watching her jump in
She was having a ball!

The house where we stayed has been in our friend's family for years
I love these old Georgia/Florida posters
In college, we always stayed on St. Simon's Island for the UGA/UF game
so many fun memories

The interior of the house is just beautiful
I couldn't help but snap a few photos

Love this guest bedroom

And I'd loooove to have this map

The beautiful living room
What a fantastic space!

And these tabby floors are great
and easy to clean (esp. after sandy, wet feet track through your house)

We enjoyed lots of laughs laying out by the pool Saturday
especially when the men got out the kid's pool toys

Since we were headed to the beach and I have an extreme sweet tooth, I brought some crab and whale cookies along.  I think I ate about 10 of these, which is not good when you're prancing around in a bathing suit all day.  Obviously, I was on vacation!

And, of course, we had lot a gossip mags to read poolside...
A beach necessity

Chick-fil-a lemonade/vodka cocktail, Star magazine, and a good view = amazing 

T had a rough day

That afternoon we headed to the beach club for a pre-dinner drink
The view is beautiful

And the weather was perfect

While T was grabbing our drink, I wandered around
and found this...

I wish this was my house
I can dream

I love this picture of our friends enjoying the day
It was one of the best afternoons

We couldn't have asked for a better trip to Sea Island
If you ever get the chance to visit, I'd highly recommend going
Plus, the Tibi outlet is there, so that worth the trip all by itself - T says I need to be banned from that place!!!

Hope everyone had a happy weekend!


Happiness Is... said...

I love Sea Island. I haven't been in years, but we always had so much fun playing Bingo and swimming at the Beach Club. Looks like a great weekend!

Pinecone said...

It looks like an amazing time. I am with you, I love the trashy magazines - gotta have them, especially when hanging at the pool :)
What a beautiful area!!

xo Ashlyn
p.s. We didn't get to see the farm or Polka Spot- boo! Maybe next time.

Jenny in Ohio said...

wow!! Looks amazing! I love the dog pictures. That house you found is so neat!

AND! Love the Chik-fil-a and vodka lemonade, haha.

I Do Declare said...

I have never been to Sea Island - it looks so nice! I love those dining chairs from the first house, too!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh my stars, gorgeous!!! I want to go!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

What a great way to spend the weekend! I have always wanted to go to Sea Island ... hmmmm, maybe 1st anniversary trip for us! And I may (accidentally) leave out of the conversation with my husband that there just happens to be a Tibi outlet there. "Oh, now what is this I see? Let's just pop in?" :)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I would love to got to Sea Island... looks like a great place to relax!

-Emily- said...

Wow looks beautiful!! I need to check out Sea Island! Would love to go there :)

Sam {} said...

what a great little getaway!! love the shot of your friends - definitely a framer :)

Jamie said...

Glad y'all had so much fun! That house is beautiful!!

Kat said...

What a fabulous and gorgeous place!!! Oh how I wish I were in St. Simons now... I love it there!

Sophie said...

WOW! this place looks like pure blisss! i love every single one of the photos. the ones of the dog jumping in are hilarious!

so happy i just found your blog. i lovee it! im following xx

Blair said...

Oh, Sea Island! One of my friend's family always rents a house there every year and I've been fortunate enough to have been invited to stay with them for a bit. It is seriously a lovely place. I absolutely adore it and St. Simons. I want to be there now!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Congrats on your 1st anniversary and Happy Belated Birthday!!! Love and miss you girl!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Looks like a great getaway. Such a comfy house!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Wow, looks like loads of fun! All that decor is gorgeous!

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