Monday, May 20, 2013

This Weekend...And Last

So this weekend...
I did a lot of little stuff, like the organizational stuff that you put off until it's raining outside (which it was)...stuff like cleaning out your makeup bag and bathroom drawers...and laundry....lots of laundry.  Ugh.  I did manage to squeeze in some yard work with this little one as my helper.  She jumped in there herself...I swear.

And I did a total happy dance when this came in the mail!
Part of my new bedding!  Yay!  Our bedroom is the last room to be decorated.  It was/is a hideous mess, but I have patiently been waiting to tackle this project and lots of stuff is in the works. 

Finally, the sun came out, so T and I headed to the lake.
This cocktail was delicious.  Delicious!  

I've also decided this is my summer jam.
Love this song!

So that was pretty much this weekend....

but, last weekend I went home...home, home.
Is it normal that I still call my parent's house, home...other people do that, right?
Anyway, this is "my" front yard ... when you live on a farm, cows in your front yard is totally normal.
I want this picture made into a painting.  It's one of my favorites.

Mom and I headed to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta to do a little shopping on Saturday.  
I found a headboard! 
This is the fabric...

and this is the shape.

I had recently pinned this picture and was so pumped to find a similar option there.

The only other things I picked up were 2 oak hydrangeas and this little milk glass "vase" which I love, love, love.  It was 3 bucks.  Mom bought it for me.  I heart her...she is the best.

The perfect little size for my kitchen window.

Well, that's all for now, loves!!!  Have a great week :)

T said not to put this picture on instagram...but I felt like the blog was fair game :)



April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'd say getting that photo made into a painting is a MUST! That is pure paradise.

Katie said...

Gorgeous headboard! Are they custom making it for you?

I totally still think of my parents' house as home- their house phone number (the same one since I was born) is still programmed in my cell as 'home'!

Katy Nustad said...

that Birdie is SO CUTE!!!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

That picture of the farm is so gorgeous!!!

I made an upholstered headboard a month or so ago--it was pretty simple!

Also--what is your instagram name? I'm alliegator28

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