Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chic(ken) Kitchens

I've been dreaming of a good ole chicken salad sandwich today.

I love chicken salad so very much, and my addiction started during RUSH week.  All the girls got to eat the left over food after one of the rounds, and someone's mother had made the most delicious chicken salad sandwich I've ever, ever eaten (well that and I was probably ravenous after singing all those stupid chants for 8 hours).

When I lived in Alabama, I always got my chicken salad sandwiches from Zoes.  Zoe's is soooooo good - have yall tried this place yet?  If not, I think they'll be all over soon - Savannah is still in the dark ages, too.  I really think I should open one here!

Since Savannah doesn't have one, I now go to the Fresh Market to get my chicken salad.  They are awesome chicken salad makers as well.  There is actually better than Zoes, but I'm sure its not as healthy.

Ahh, I love shopping here - its so relaxing...I think its the classical music!

I really want to venture out on a limb and try making some of my own, so the hunt is on for a good recipe!

Also, since I'm dreaming - how much of a dream kitchen is this?  I DIE.  Oh, I love everything about it.

And, look at the floor?  Simply perfect!!!  I could make chicken salad in here all day long!  This is definitely going in my "Inspiration" File on my desktop!


Tessa said...

I'm a chicken salad lover myself - I love the rostisserie chicken salad from Fresh Market. I like it best on a baguette, but I've been know to sneak a bite or 2 or 20 from the tub. So addictive!! Oh and this is one of my long time favorite kicthens! We've got such similar taste!! The only room in our house without hardwood is our kicthen, but if I had it I would paint my just like the one above!
xo, T

Kat said...

LOVE chicken salad and love that kitchen!!! As you made your comment about the floor I said to myself, oh please let be a black and white... it would totally complete the space, and it was!!! Looks like we share the same taste in kitchens and chickens! Seriously though, that kitchen truly is a heavenly space! Love it!

Ally said...

I've never been to a Zoes, but I LOVE Fresh Market.. they have a fabulous yellow chicken curry salad!
I'm your newest follower, btw :) Your blog is super cute!!

megan said...

Thanks for following my blog! I LOVE chicken salad but I despise celery, so I don't get to order it from restaurants very often. :(
On another note, I saved that picture with the white subway tile back splash the other day! So beautiful!

Kristen said...

LOVE those kitchens. The farmhouse sink, the floor, the tall windows! sigh...someday!! I'm a new follower, love your blog :)

Blair said...

I am also a chicken salad lover. I love mine with pecans and grapes in it. So so good. Have you ever had it made with grilled chicken? TO DIE FOR.

I also love your dream kitchen as well. Are those counter tops marble? Love it. I really love classic white cabinets with black granite or concrete counters. And the black and white checker board floors? Can't go wrong with it! Always in style.

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