Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel...Part 3: Getting Ready!

Alright lovelies, here is the 3rd part of of our getting married blog posts (are you tired of me yet?).  These are pictures of T and I getting ready to walk down the aisle - these are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding.  Mostly I think because I don't remember much about getting ready.  I just remember being anxious!  

I might have been nervous, but I didn't go hungry - Look at this beautiful spread!  One of my dear friend's mothers made every bit of this delicious food.  We also had mimosas, so that helped calm my pre-wedding jitters.

My grandmother watching all the madness.

Finally, it was time to put on the dress!

My seriously gorgeous mother!
I'd say, I clean up nicely!  Ha!
My flowers were (in my humble opinion) so beautiful - Our florist/caterer, Leon, was too fabulous.  Can you imagine making food for 400 people and all the flowers, without breaking a sweat?  I mean, he is the definition of awesome!
I bought my dress at the Gown Boutique in Charleston - I knew exactly what I wanted and only tried on 3 dresses!  I knew I wanted lace and an open back, so this was an easy decision!  Plus, I've watched way too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress!

How beautiful are my bridesmaids?  Almost all of them were blond!  

Lots of laughter - it was a great day!
Over on the other side of town, T was getting ready too!  T is a BIG hunter (I mean, have you seen all the deer in our house?!?), so for his wedding gift, I bought him a new shotgun.  The photographer caught the look on his face when his best friend brought it out - he looks like like..."what in the world?"

Can you tell we are in the South?  Everyone had to take a look!
Time for pictures...
Everyone on The Miss Anne - hunting buggy named after the owner's wife.  Start move on his part!

One of my favorites of the guys!
Almost time!
Back at our house, we were still waiting!
and waiting...
and waiting some more - I felt like we waited FOREVER!  It's funny to think about it now because I feel like it went by so fast, but looking at these pictures reminded me how long I felt like the day dragged on...

Alright, finally, time to head to the church!
At the church, everyone was getting ready and putting on the final touches..

I love this picture of my parents!

Then it was showtime!  

Well, that's all for now - I told y'all I had a lot of pictures! 


{av} said...

your dress is positively STUNNING--and so are you! I never tire of looking at photos, so I'm delighted to see so many! your mother is so beautiful too...and I love the green of your girls' dresses! can't wait to see more :) xoxo {av}

Lindsay said...

You make such a gorgeous bride :)

Alice said...

My gosh! You and your bridesmaids are so lovely. It looks like the dream wedding!

Southern H and H said...

Beautiful photos! I've been married 11 years and I STILL love looking at my album. Such wonderful memories to have!

Ruthie{Look~Learn~Love} said...

I love all these photos, it captured so much! Great bridesmaid dresses, the color is fantastic, the outdoor shoot is stunning!

Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures! So funny, I wore a very similar wedding dress when I got married and I did green bridesmaid dresses too! They were long and darker, but looks like we have similar style! You looked amazing!

Jen said...

Oh how I love posts like this!! Wedding pics are my favorite! And that dress?? GORGEOUS! You must certainly do clean up nicely ;-)

Happy Monday Darling! xo

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Kat said...

K, you were such a stunning bride. Not surprising because you're simply gorgeous!!! Love all the wedding pics!!! Looks like it was a magical day indeed.

Tessa said...

Oh how I LOVE weddings!! I still look at my pictures often. It looks like you had a perfect day - you, the dress, the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses - ALL OF IT - so gorgeous!! I'm sure you will always treasure these!!

Megan said...

You are stunning. I love your dress and the color of your bridesmaid's dresses! During our day, it felt like we waited and waited, but looking back now it seems like it flew by!! Ahhhh, sweet wedding day!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your dress is beautiful - so simple and elegant. I love the colour of your mum's outfit too - she looks stunning. Can't wait for the next part! x x

JMW said...

What beautiful images - your dress is gorgeous! And I love the color you chose for your bridesmaids. It looks like it was an amazing day. And what a great woman you are to buy your hubby a shotgun - my hubby would be very jealous!

megan said...

Seriously, that is what I imagine my wedding dress to look like! I can never get sick of looking at wedding pictures..

Michaela said...

Wow!! You look breath taking. I love the back of your dress. Goodness!! You are so adorable! So glad I found your blog!

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