Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Vacation: FEELS LIKE HOME!

After Utah we ventured HOME (well, my parent's home)!  Utah and skiing and fancy houses are nice, but isn't it nice to go home.  Yes, it is.  To hug your parents, play with your pets, annoy your brother - yes, I still have this power!

One of my FAVORITE movies of all time is It's a Wonderful Life!  I make, er, we watch it every Christmas Eve night.  One of the best traditions of Christmas!

Poor little Bill/Checkers was all tuckered out after the movie and ready for Santa!

And guess what...we had a white Christmas...in GEORGIA!  First time since like the 1800s or something like that...

T's car...

Mattie is an excellent snow ball catcher/eater...

The next morning!


This is my Dad's farm truck - isn't it awful!?  Ha!  He was at the dumpster the other day and someone told him he might as well the truck in the dump!  Isn't a great little truck - I learned how to drive a stick shift on this truck when I was 14!

We had such a great Christmas with both families!


Tessa said...

Loved seeing all your wonderful Christmas photos. You must have brought some of that Utah snow back to GA with you! And the horse drawn sleigh ride - how fun is that?! I might have broken into a few rounds of Jingle Bells if I'd been onboard. Hard to believe it's Jan. already!!

Lindsay said...

Your parents home is gorgeous! I am jealous of you southerners :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Your parents house is AMAZING. Seriously gorgeous.

<3, New Follower

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