Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's been a dreary, cold, rainy couple of days.  I usually love, love, love winter, but I'm ready for hot weather.  When my skin starts to hurt from being so dry and you start to see the veins in my arm because I'm so pale is when I reach my winter limit.  And both of these things have happened.  I feel like I haven't seen the sun in months.  The grass is always greener...I know.  I guess I need buy some self-tanner and intense healing lotion and get over it.

Mostly, I'm ready to the lake and sunbathe and read a magazine and drink a beverage on the dock.  Hope the sun is shining where you are!

T's parents lake house - don't you love the pink!!!


JMW said...

Ah, a summer day by the lake - how I wish I had that right now. That looks like a great place to relax. It's cold, gray and rainy in Kentucky. And, we're in for more snow later this week. Ugh, this winter is killing me!

Southern H and H said...

Girl, you are in my head! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for the warmer weather! The sun hasn't peeked out here for 5 days (I've counted)! YUCK!

Michele said...

I just wrote a post the other day about summer. I love winter, but enough is enough. We've had unusually cold weather here in north Texas and I'm about done with it. I know when it's a humid 99 degrees in July, I'll be wishing for some cooler temps but right now a hot day on the lake would be wonderful!

Emily said...

I'm so ready for warm weather! What an adorable lake house....makes me want to beg the hubby for a little cottage by the lake...such a peaceful place to relax.

Lady Grey said...

I was just thinking how I should get some self tanner since there's no available sun.
Lovely blog : )

Tessa said...

sorry , no sympathy from me - we are expected to be hit with another 8 inches of snow tomorrow. I'm over being so cold!!!

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