Sunday, October 24, 2010

too early?

Is it too early to start my Christmas wish list?

I really want....

1)  These boots from Jcrew.  I have the brown pair and I have worn. them. out.  They are super comfy and they are the perfect heal height.  I've gotten lots of compliments on them the past couple of years.  I wear alot, alot of black, so I reaallllyyy need a black pair (or thats what I'm telling myself so I can justify the price)!

on our honeymoon in front of Notre Dame in Paris - I wore these the entire time and only complained once or twice!

2) I'm not a huge Lilly fan, but I do think these are really, really pretty cocktail dresses!


3)  Window Treatments for the Guest Bedroom.  I am a huge wannabe interior decorator, but sadly I have a law degree and not a design degree.  I really struggle with indecisiveness and picking fabrics....I'm also cheap, which doesn't help when it comes to choosing fabrics.  I've finally found some I like, but haven't got up the courage to commit.  We. shall. see.

I really like this fabric from the Silk Drapery Company

*Source: (these ladies are awesome, btw)

4)  The rest of our Christmas china!  We got all of our formal and informal china, but only two or three dinner plates of our Christmas china.  I guess it doesn't matter, since we'll go to my parents for Christmas, but I might try to pick up some pieces at an after Christmas sale.


5)  And finally, who doesn't need a good sapphire and diamond ring?  I really wanted this for my wedding present, but I'd rather T be able to pay his mortgage...

T would probably have a stroke if he read this list.  This list is like when you give your parents your Christmas list and they look at sternly and say, "ok, you can pick ONE of these items!"  Here's wishing I even get one of them!  

PS:  T returned home from Auburn at lunch and has been in bed for three hours (and counting).  Guess 30 really isn't the new 20 :(  Poor thing is hoarse and tired, but he loved every minute of the game (and he got to meet Pat Dye (his hero))!  

Happy Sunday!

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